Robert Pattinson, the dark charm of contemporary style

Robert Pattinson never hid his shyness. Versatile and histrionic, the British actor Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson, born in London on May 13, 1986, he took his first steps in London theaters precisely to try to overcome his innate reluctance. And, judging by his brilliant career, the test has largely passed. With a path full of successes that have led him from being a dark vampire boy to becoming a magnetic man-bat.

Pattinson’s beginnings

Starting from the beginnings with Shakespeare, to get to Bullies and Babes And Tess of the Urbevilles: the talent scouts will not fail to intercept and appreciate his talent and launch him into the world of cinema. Alongside, hand in hand, a nascent career as a model (among the collaborations, certainly the one with the photographer John Paul Pietrus, one of the first to grasp his enormous potential) and as a musician (he plays piano and guitar). But the cinema is Robert Pattinson’s real great goal and here he will take his first steps, playing Prince Giselher in the Saga of the Nibelungs and reciting it The vanity fair and in some other films, albeit with minor roles. However, this is enough to create a certainty around him hype: Robert is handsome, talented and charismatic. And the cameos start pouring in. Some parts in the Harry Potter saga and in a BBC drama in which he will play the role of a young aviator veteran of the Second World War (The haunted airman), will confirm that this is certainly the right path.

The turning point with the Twilight saga

And the turning point arrives in 2008, when Catherine Hardwicke will choose him as the male lead alongside Kristen Stewart. Pattinson explodes when he is anointed as Edward Cullen in the fantasy saga Twilight. The vegetarian vampire and in love with Bella, will win everyone over for his masterful cinematic reinterpretation of Stepheny Mayer’s novels. A global success that convinces the public of his high interpretative skills and that will soon divide the fans – team Edward vs Team Jacob – to feed the pop culture of the two thousand for years. But this will be just the beginning, the springboard that will lead him to a career full of successes: they will arrive The Twilight Saga – New Moon in 2009 and 2010-11 the successes The Twilight Saga – Eclipse And The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn.

Success after success

Meanwhile, other projects develop collaterally to the fantasy epic and among these, Remember me by Allen Coulter, Water for Elephants, Bel Ami and then David Cronenberg’s project Cosmopolis. But there will not be only cinema in Pattinson’s circumnavigation: it will in fact be Dior, in 2013, who will want him as the face of Dior Homme Fragrance, with a stratospheric engagement and a parallel connection with designer Kim Jones during his time as Creative Director of Dior Men. To follow, still other successes in the cinema: The Rover, Maps to the Stars then Life (2015), Queen of the Desert (with James Franco, Nicole Kidman and Damian Lewis), The Childhood of a Leader – The Childhood of a Leader, Lost Civilization (2016). It all seems preparatory to his new successes: the interpretation of Batman, in the fresh-release film directed by Matt Reeves – a sort of prequel to the ongoing Batman film series – but also the starring part in Tenet by Christopher Nolan and a role in The streets of evilwith Tom Holland.

A contemporary dandy

The style seems to follow this crescendo and these changes of direction, in progress: of course, the times in which the première of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire he made his debut with black leather pants, a red velvet jacket and shiny burgundy Texan boots. To adjust the shot and support his attitude as an icon was the choice to wear monochromatic suits, one colorway unique enriched by details and often varied in shapes that are now slimmer, now more baggy. The fil rouge that will link the beginning with this evolution will be the desire to present himself as a sort of metropolitan and contemporary dandy, capable of showing off both a gritty black leather jacket and sneakers as well as an enveloping coat bottom down or over double-breasted jackets accompanied by classic cut trousers as much as they put more comfy, always with the same allure. An elusive charm, which has struck beautiful women of the show, from Kristen Stewart to FKA Twigs and up to the last great love, Suki Waterhouse. But that has also been confirmed by the cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva who, with his computerized mapping program – the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi– also used by Leonardo Da Vinci to obtain the proportions of the male body perfect for the Vitruvian Man, he found perfection in the symmetries of Pattinson’s face (the finding, he wanted him on the podium, undermining even Henry Cavill).

Meanwhile, Pattinson can be admired in the cinema with his new one Batman released last March 3 (and going to look at the impeccable look of the London premiere in which – alongside the co-star Zoë Kravitz – the actor showed off a perfect tweed suit with an oversized double-breasted jacket with one button and classic trousers paired with a simple black turtleneck in the look designed by Luke and Lucie Meier for Jil Sander) and in which he juggles between the billionaire Bruce Wayne and the avenger of Gotham City. Pattinson’s goal appears to be similar to the one stated just when he impersonated in Remember Me: Someone is trying to tell me: make her remember you forever. I’m working on ‘forever’ ». Become a top actor, a style icon without time or space. The premises have been largely filled, the achievement is in sight.

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