Roberta Brognoli and Roberto Comelli from Sarezzo died

They had been married for just over a month: after the honeymoon they were taking a few more days off in Switzerland. But they were overwhelmed and killed by two cars that, when overtaking, would have collided, overwhelming the scooter that carried the two newly married couples: this is the sad fate that happened to Roberta Brognoli, 57, and Roberto Comelli, 52, both residents. in Sarezzo, as mentioned, married for a few weeks.
According to reports from the cantonal police of Graubünden, the two were riding the scooter – driving was Comelli – along the Berninastrasse H29 (near the Bernina Pass) from La Rosa towards San Carlo. Behind their bike were two other cars, driven respectively by a 40-year-old Italian and a 28-year-old Swiss. In the locality of Piana Scura, the two motorists both attempted to overtake the motorcycles of Comelli and Brognoli.

Long revived, but already dead

But the attempt went badly, very badly: the two cars collided with each other, the bike was hit by one of the vehicles and thrown for several meters onto the asphalt. Comelli fell on the street and the passenger instead ended up over the guardrail in a lawn adjacent to the road. The two were injured so badly that they probably died instantly. The attempt to revive them by the operators of two ambulances from the Poschiavo hospital and a Rega crew was of no use.

The police are looking for witnesses

The accident occurred on Monday afternoon around 3 pm: the road was only reopened at 7 pm. The Cantonal Police of Graubünden, coordinated by the Swiss Public Prosecutor’s Office, is working on reconstructing the exact dynamics, also to assess any possible responsibilities. This is why he issued a statement in which witnesses are sought: “Anyone who has seen something or can provide information on driving the vehicles involved – it says – is requested to contact the Engandina roadside assistance service on +41 081 257 7680”.

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