Robin Williams: John Mulaney debunks theories about depression afflicting comedians

John Mulaney has debunked theories of depression afflicting all great comedians like Robin Williams in a promotional clip from his latest Netflix special.

John Mulaney wants you to know that comedians aren’t all motivated by pain and grief depressionespecially the late robin williams: in a recent clip released by Netflix for its new special titled The Hall: Honoring the Greats of Stand Upthe comedian attempted to disprove the belief that comedians do what they do because of their pain.

With all due respect, let them go to hell with that bullshit“, Mulaney exclaimed. “Being a comedian is not a psychiatric condition. robin williams? Have some respect for a brilliant artist who was just so much more talented than all of you“.

There are a lot of depressed people who don’t even have the decency to be great comedians as well“, added the comedian, explaining that practicing stand-up comedy and making people laugh is a real joy, while also acknowledging the less sunny side of this wonderful art form.

Most of us are a little crazy and have a lot of problems, myself included.” concluded John Mulaney, who in recent years has been at the center of the news for divorcing Anna Marie Tendler, for having a son with actress Olivia Munn and for entering rehab for his drug abuse and alcohol thanks to the help of colleagues like Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and Natasha Lyonne.

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