Roblox ‘Biometric tracking location’ scam scares parents

Unverified posts circulating on Facebook and Instagram have many parents worried about their children playing Roblox. Roblox, a platform that allows players to participate in user-generated games, is extremely popular among Generation Z (which Roblox currently defines as 14 to 26 years old), with an estimated 43.2 million daily active users. More than half of these daily users are under the age of 16.

The retweeted post included a screenshot of an unidentified player’s profile, with the username blurred, and a caption warning parents about “biometric location tracking.” It’s unclear who wrote or shared the original post.

“FYI…if your kids play Roblox, please note that there is a biometric location tracking feature under the privacy settings that allows ‘friends’ to see where you live,” the caption read. “Tonight, this asshole told my 11-year-old son that he wanted to ‘make a date to hang out,’ and he even recited our full address.”

Does Roblox allow players to see the specific locations and addresses of other users?

No, Roblox does not allow users to view other players’ specific locations or home addresses. In fact, “biometric location tracking” combines two completely different things: biometric data and location tracking.

Roblox does use biometric data and location tracking, which is acknowledged on its website. Biometric data, such as “facial geometry,” is used to help verify a player’s age. Roblox uses third-party services to analyze biometric data (which means the company itself does not have access to the data), and the data is deleted within 90 days of collection.

As for location tracking, Roblox told Yahoo News that it only operates at a “country or region level” and not “precise geolocation data.” According to Roblox’s privacy policy, which can be accessed on its website, location tracking exists to help personalize content and ads and also keep players logged in if they are playing the game using the same device and browser. Players can also opt out of the service by updating their settings or uninstalling the mobile app.

Roblox players cannot find the addresses of other players through the platform.

This isn’t the first time Roblox has been the center of rumors aimed at scaring parents.

In early 2022, TikTok users spread rumors that a Roblox account would “hack” a female Roblox player named “Killer Jenner.” Later that year, a tweet from @Roblox_US was left out as fake verified accounts became rampant on X (formerly known as Twitter), pretending to be a platform that had been verified by the Roblox Universe.

As the new year approaches, there are rumors that Roblox will shut down on January 1st – for at least the second time in two years, a screenshot of a fake tweet has many users believing that the app is shutting down.

Roblox has dealt with so many rumors and hoaxes that they have an entire page dedicated to them on their website.

“Sometimes people share stories about pranks or hacks, like John and Jane Doe’s accounts, Roblox is shutting down, or someone is going to hack Roblox on a specific date,” the page reads. “These stories are not true.”

For more information on Roblox safety tips for parents, read this.

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