Roblox Blox Fruits Devil Fruit Value (January 2024)

Blox Fruits is a game in Roblox that allows you to experience the journey of becoming the Pirate King. Similar to the Devil Fruits in One Piece, Devil Fruits in this game can also provide you with boosts, superpowers, and additional rewards. To get Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits, you need to use beli (money) obtained from quests or Blox Fruits codes. The prices of these Devil Fruits are always changing. To help you stay up to date, we’ve written a detailed guide to the value of fruit at Blox Fruits. So, let’s get started.

All Blox Fruits Devil Fruit Value List

Devil Fruits in the Blox Fruits game can be expensive depending on their rarity and power. In addition to rarity, their value varies based on the style of the fruit.The three fruit styles in the game are Natural (Paramecium), Element (Logia), and Beast(Zoan). We’ve compiled the values ​​of all the fruits below and separated them by rarity. So, open your game and browse the list below.

The value of Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits constantly changes based on trades with other players. We will ensure that the updated values ​​are as close as possible to the market’s recent trading values.

Common brochure fruits

You can find common fruits at cheap prices in the game and on the trading floor. Regular Blox fruit has a very low trading value.

Preview Yam Fruit type physical value permanent value
spike spike Nature 180,000 14,000,000
smokes smokes primary 100,000 16,000,000
bomb bomb Nature 80,000 1,600,000
spring spring Nature 60,000 1,500,000
hack hack Nature 30,000 1,500,000
rotate rotate Nature 7,500 1,500,000
Rocket Rocket Nature 5,000 2,000,000

Uncommon brox fruit

Some good value fruits can be found under the uncommon fruits category. You can get some uncommon fruits for a lower price than usual, even though they are powerful and useful.

Preview Yam Fruit type physical value permanent value
diamond diamond Nature 600000 16,000,000
ice ice primary 550,000 57,500,000
sand sand primary 420,000 50,000,000
dark dark primary 400000 80,000,000
falcon falcon beast 300000 6,000,000
flame flame primary 250,000 43,000,000

Rare Brox Fruit

If you are new to Blox Fruits and just collecting Devil Fruits, collect rare fruits at lower prices. They are useful for later boss battles and quests.

Preview Yam Fruit type physical value permanent value
magma magma primary 1,150,000 135,000,000
obstacle obstacle Nature 800 000 30,000,000
Light Light primary 800 000 85,000,000
eraser eraser Nature 700,000 60,000,000
ghost ghost Nature 800 000 30,000,000

The legendary brox fruit

The legendary Brox fruit is often cheap if you trade it right. However, they can go much higher, as they are rare but powerful.

Preview Yam Fruit type physical value permanent value
Buddha Buddha beast 6,000,000 160,000,000
snowstorm snowstorm primary 5,000,000 180,000,000
rumble rumble primary 5,000,000 180,000,000
Web portals Web portals Nature 5,000,000 180,000,000
Phoenix Phoenix beast 2,250,000 145,000,000
sound sound Nature 4,000,000 180,000,000
pain pain Nature 2,000,000 105,000,000
see it see it Nature 1,150,000 135,000,000
spider spider Nature 1,150,000 135,000,000
earthquake earthquake Nature 1,000,000 106,000,000

Mysterious Brox Fruit

The Mythic Fruit is a variant of the Devil Fruit and is the hardest of the Brox Fruits to find. Their transaction value can exceed 100 million game coins. You can get these mythical fruits by grinding the game to collect Baileys, or you can simply use some Robux.

Preview Yam Fruit type physical value permanent value
fox fox beast 110,000,000 270,000,000
dragon dragon beast 65,000,000 180,000,000
Leopard Leopard beast 40,000,000 180,000,000
Tyrannosaurus rex Tyrannosaurus rex beast 25,000,000 112,000,000
mammoth mammoth beast 15,000,000 180,000,000
dough dough primary 20,000,000 130,000,000
Spirit Spirit Nature 10,000,000 180,000,000
venom venom Nature 9,000,000 114,000,000
control control Nature 8,000,000 180,000,000
shadow shadow Nature 6,000,000 109,000,000
gravity gravity Nature 2,000,000 40,000,000

Blox Fruits Tier List – Best Devil Fruits

Once you know the value of these devil fruits in Blox Fruits, you have to know which fruits are the strongest. Unlike the strongest Devil Fruit in One Piece, fruit levels vary based on their usefulness and trade value.

Below, we’ve listed all the fruits in a tiered list so you know which Blox Fruits Devil Fruit to choose when trying to get them.

grade Fruit name
Yes Fox, leopard, dragon, poison, rumble, Buddha, spider, dough, shadow, soul, darkness, blizzard
arrive Phoenix, roar, control, light, magma, flame, earthquake, line, barrier, ice
Second portal, sand, claw, door, gravity, diamond
C love, rubber, spring, smoke, falcon
d Spin, Spike, Kilo, Slash, Bomb, Rocket

Zoan or Beast Fruit gives you one of these The strongest improvement in the game. Since the number of beast fruits is very small, it is very difficult to obtain beast fruits. Unlike Beast variants, Logia or Elemental variant fruits can be great if used correctly.

However, some of these products may be overpriced even if they are of average utility. Additionally, Paramecia or Natural Devil Fruits are commonly found in Blox Fruits, but may vary from S to D ranks. Make sure you use them in the early stages of your journey to becoming the Pirate King.

What is the best Blox fruit?

According to our tier list, any S-tier fruit is the best. However, you can experiment and decide which abilities you like best. We would recommend Blizzard, Magma or Shadow as the best Devil Fruits among Blox Fruits. Some fruits may have lower buffs but are overpriced, such as diamonds or love fruits. Try to avoid them.

What code gives you fruit?

Unfortunately, the code won’t give you any Devil Fruits. You can get money and experience through codes to buy fruits from the store.

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