Roblox update adds PlayStation trophies


  • The latest Roblox update on PlayStation 4 introduces eight trophies.
  • The trophy list is relatively easy to obtain and can be completed in a few hours of casual playtime.
  • The game has been controversial due to its delisting by some iconic carmakers, but the PlayStation platform could help boost its revenue.

Newest Roblox An update for PlayStation 4 introduces eight trophies, a long-awaited feature from fans.Although Roblox The multiplayer game is coming to PlayStation consoles in October 2023, and so far there are no trophies.

Originally published in 2006, Roblox It is a very popular online game creation tool that allows players to join custom games or build their own games. Roblox There’s something for just about any player, as everything from sports games to first-person shooters to deep work simulators can be created and played on the game’s ultra-flexible engine.While the multiplayer game launched on Xbox consoles in 2016, PlayStation players had to wait a little longer to dive in RobloxA collection of user-generated games.Although essentially Roblox As game creation platforms present challenges in integrating traditional trophies, PlayStation 4 trophy hunters can now get their fill from a handful of trophies available in the latest updates to games on the platform.


Roblox players recreate Flappy Bird in Build a Boat For Treasure

A creative Roblox player has shared their fully playable re-creation of the Flappy Bird game in Build a Boat For Treasure.

PlayStation 4 version Roblox There are now eight trophies, which are relatively easy to obtain. Players will be rewarded for playing with friends, trying out 15 different user-generated worlds and rating 5 of them, customizing their avatar, and joining PlayStation Network parties. All in all, the trophy list doesn’t look difficult and can be easily completed with just a few hours of casual playtime. Unfortunately, one important detail is that the Platinum trophy was not added in the update. However, Roblox Now available to join the list of the simplest gold trophies in PlayStation games.

Roblox PS4 Trophy List

Roblox: Defenders of the Multiverse - Characters

  • Scout – You played the Roblox game! -bronze
  • Explorer – You have played 5 different Roblox games. -silver
  • Trailblazer – You’ve played 15 different Roblox games. – gold
  • Pollster – You have rated 5 Roblox games. -silver
  • Marathon – You played a Roblox game for an hour! -bronze
  • One name, many faces – you change the look of your avatar! -bronze
  • Strength in Numbers – You join a PlayStation™Network party and play Roblox games. -bronze
  • Four’s Company – You played a Roblox game with 3 friends! – gold

this Roblox The trophy list is almost identical to Xbox Achievements, with one key difference – Xbox gives players three additional simple challenges. To achieve these goals, Xbox users simply need to play the game for 3, 10, and 20 consecutive days.

although Roblox While the game has been praised for its latest updates, it has also been the subject of controversy of late. A few months ago, the company Roblox removed some iconic car manufacturers from the game, such as Honda, Toyota, and Bugatti.The company is believed to be hoping to cut some significant costs by not renewing licenses with carmakers because Roblox In 2022, it suffered a loss of $900 million.It remains to be seen whether RobloxThe new audience reached through the PlayStation platform will help increase the game’s revenue.

Roblox Games

Roblox – Games

Roblox is a massive online game creation tool that allows players to make their own games and worlds for other Roblox players to jump in and enjoy.

September 1, 2006

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