Robot Festival, the international electronic music festival begins in Bologna on 5 October. The program

From 5 to 8 October in Bologna, contemporaneity is celebrated thanks to the international festival of electronic music and digital arts: “The will of this edition of ROBOT is to put music back at the center – says Marco Ligurgo, Artistic Director of the Festival – we will regain possession of its spaces and its public after the limitations of the last two years. “This year the four days will take place in new places, with many unmissable shows that will attract music lovers from all over Europe

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The now legendary Robot Festival, the international festival dedicated to electronic music and digital arts, returns to Bologna. The four-day event will be held from 5 to 8 October and is attracting lovers of music and culture with a palate accustomed to the contemporary from all over Europe. For the 2022 edition – the first after the explosion of the pandemic that in recent years has blocked everything, including Robot Festival – the event returns to rediscover its nomadic vocation, not only in the artistic choices but also in the identification of spaces. No longer a ‘center’, but a galaxy that gravitates around this center – namely the DumBO -, incorporating Palazzo Re Enzo, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Oratory of San Filippo Neri and the TPO.

A multiplicity of environments in which a lively sound diversity is reflected which is intended as a tribute to “decentralization”, the theme of this thirteenth edition: “In music – write the authors of the Robot Festival manifesto, Matteo Tambussi and Oliver Dawson – lies the hope of a new cultural revolution and a shrewd and constructive use of the network can allow us to dream of a more human technological future and that perhaps by connecting ourselves, networking and decentralizing power, we will finally be able to recover our identity “.

Marco Ligurgo, Artistic Director of the festival, affirms that “the precise will of this edition of ROBOT is to put music back at the center, letting it fully regain its spaces and its audience after the limitations of the last two years. From here, an artistic research is born including an expressive pluralism coming from every corner of the globe, able to fascinate fans and to make anyone who wants to have fun and indulge in the sensations of art and music live a unique experience “. Ligurgo adds: “To get to the festival we have an artistic research to discover the multiplicity of sound languages ​​coming from every corner of the globe, from France to Greenland, from England to Italy”.

It begins with the great Laurent Garnier


Iggy Pop praises Skiantos on BBC and broadcasts “Eptadone”

To open the dance there will be the DJ who best of all represents the spirit of the club, of the dance floor as a space where pleasure is intertwined with the passionate exaltation of the iterative power of rhythm: it is the French DJ and producer Laurent Garnier.

Before performing, on 8 October at 6.30 pm the artist will present the film at the Bay of DumBO Laurent Garnier – Off the Record directed by Gabin Rivoire, a film that – through exclusive archive images and films from the recent world tour – tells about his life experience and career.
The talk with Laurent Garnier before the screening of the film is one of the various talks contemplated by this thirteenth edition of Robot Festival. The head of the talks is Pierfrancesco Pacoda, the famous journalist and essayist who writes about lifestyles and youth cultures on the Rest of the Carlino and collaborates with Billboard, among others. He is the author of milestones in Italian musical essays, from Italian hip hop (Einaudi) a Power to the Wordfrom On the routes of the Rave (Feltrinelli) a I, dj, the wonderful book written together with Claudio Coccoluto, recently republished by Baldini + Castoldi. In addition to the talk with Laurent Garnier, Pierfrancesco Pacoda also organized the talk with Caterina Barbieri, which will take place on 7 October.

The artists present


‘Robot’ in Bologna, electronic music for a possible future

This thirteenth edition of Robot presents many absolute protagonists of the most radical research, such as Ben Frost, Skee Mask, Zenker Brothers. Even Caterina Barbieri, Pantha Du Prince and Lyra Pramuk will not miss the appeal, flanked by artists and hat artists of the caliber of Greenlandic Courtesy, the Chilean-Norwegian Carmen Villain, the Italians Eva Geist and Lamusa II, the English Loraine James, the Bosnian Mario Batkovic and the Danes Sofie Birch and Nana Pi. And then again: the techno cosmopolitanism of TSVI and object blue, the rigorous antagonism of Brutal Casual, the ‘architectural’ vision of Luce Clandestina. And speaking of classics, the return of the legendary duo made up of Kittin & The Hacker, who codified techno and electro panoramas at the beginning of the New Millennium. With them there will also be the prismatic ‘urban culture’ of French Crystallmess which goes from hardcore rap to footwork through the most cutting edge electronics; the stinging Giant Swan with their recipe based on hypnotic bass and industrial aggression; the South Africans Phelimuncasi, extraordinary exponents of the gqom who revealed themselves to the world thanks to the research and documentation work of the Nyege Nyege collective. Last but not leastthere will also be the great Gabor Lazar.

Many names on the Italian scene


ROBOT, the program of the electronic music festival in Bologna

The 2022 edition of the Robot Festival also gives a lot of prominence to the Italian scene, which continues to be a fixed point on the map of avant-garde international music.

There will be the Salò group (Toni Cutrone, Emiliano Maggi, Giacomo Mancini, Stefano Di Trapani) and their bizarre “Roman Renaissance”, one of the exclusive productions for ROBOT. We will see the collaboration between the visionary sound artist Riccardo La Foresta and the English James Ginzburg, tutelary deity of dubstep music first, then experimenter at three hundred and sixty degrees with the Emptyset.

Another special production, this time in collaboration with the Umbrian festival Dancity, is the one that sees the saxophonist Laura Agnusdei and the digital architectures of Daniele Fabris on stage together. Furthermore, among the first appearances at the festival, the fascinating NZIRIA, alter ego of the artist Tullia Benedicta between techno, trance and Neapolitan neomelodic, accompanied by the multimedia artist and director Bianca Peruzzi.
And among the DJ sets to mark are that of Speaking Minds, a highly respected emerging Italian DJ / producer, Piezo with his contaminated, creative, irregular, courageous techno and, from Bologna, Carolina Martines and Filibalou.

The Scratch Party in the Aula Magna of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna will be inaugurated on Wednesday 5 October from 7 to 10 pm, a special project conceived by Francesco Giomi and Danilo Danisi and produced by ROBOT. On four music stations, the students of the Electronic Music course of the GB Martini Conservatory of Bologna will perform sound and musical improvisations, in interaction with the projections and video mappings made by students of the Academy’s Computer Graphic course. An “audiovisual party”, born from an idea of ​​training and teaching shared between the students of the two historic Bolognese art institutions.

The Ecoactions certification from Legambiente


The best of world electronics at the Rimini Beach Arena

For the 2022 edition, ROBOT received the ‘Ecoactions’ certification from Legambiente as a low-impact festival. Among the various actions implemented this year, the public of the thirteenth edition will be able to make free use of the water dispensers scattered in some of the locations.
Furthermore, for the second consecutive year, the ROBOT LEARN program of talks, laboratories and workshops is confirmed, a meeting and sharing platform that on October 8 will fill the daytime space of the festival at the DumBO workshop.

Robot Kids, the section of the festival dedicated to children


Kraftwerk, music and art in the 3D tour of the electronics pioneers

As in every edition, ROBOT KIDS, a section of the festival dedicated to children, is also back on 8 October, supported by the Monte di Bologna and Ravenna Foundation.

From 3 to 6 pm it will be possible for the little ones to approach the fascinating universe of technologies applied to artistic expression through a series of workshops. At the end of the day, there will be a party for everyone with the musical selections of DJ Bubble, a huge inflatable rabbit that will make the participants dance with its electro-funk-pop sound.

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