Rock Band developers bought out by Epic Games. I will help with Fortnite

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November 24, 2021, 09:05

Harmonix, a studio known from Rock Band, was taken over by Epic Games. Developers are to develop the musical elements in Fortnite.


  1. Harmonix studio was acquired by Epic Games,
  2. the band will expand the musical elements of the Fortnite,
  3. older team productions incl Fuser and Rock Band 4will continue to be supported
  4. There are no plans to remove Harmonix games from Steam.

Harmonix studio specializing in music games has been redeemed by Epic Games. The band is known for the Rock Band and Dance Central series, and the early reenactments of the Guitar Hero series.

In a press release, developers express their excitement for the future, but many studio fans do not share this optimism. Harmonix is ​​to deal mainly with expanding the musical gameplay in Fortnite. Considering how intensely the development of this production is going, it is quite possible that it will be a long time before the team can start working on any new game. It is possible that this developer will end his stand-alone productions and he will be permanently assigned to help with Epic Games’ greatest hit.

Harmonix may be looking forward to this transactionbecause the music game market is now a shadow of what it would have been decades ago. The studio has not released any high-budget production for a long time, focusing on smaller and cheaper items. If you want to know more about the decline of this genre, we recommend our column as we analyze this issue:

  1. A murdered brand like publishers killed the music game market

A FAQ has been posted on the band’s official website to explain to fans what this transition means. We can read in it that the studio has no plans to develop new instruments for Rock Band.

Fans of Harmonix’s creativity are pleased with the fact that, despite the move, the band’s older productions will be supported. There are plans for another DLC with new songs for Rock Band 4, as well as the 25th season of the competition. We will also see more in-game events Fuser.

In addition, Harmonix ensures that it will not remove its games from Steam. All productions available there will remain for sale and will be further supported. There are also no plans to close the servers of still active team projects, both on PC and on consoles.

For Epic Games, the acquisition of Harmonix makes sense, when for some time now more and more emphasis has been placed on the musical layer Fortnite. Last year, the game hosted a virtual Travis Scott concert. It turned out to be a hit, the audience of this event exceeded 12.3 million people, and its recording on YouTube was viewed over 174 million times. This year, similar performances by Ariana Grande and Kaskade were organized. Gameplay events related to the tray were also carried out many times. No wonder Epic Games wants to expand the music gameplay in its greatest hit.

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