Rock In Rio 2022: 5 moments we are waiting to experience at the festival

What we hope to experience at Rock in Rio 2022

O Rock in Rio is coming and the truth is that no one can wait any longer to live this moment.

The festival has several attractions like, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Iron Maiden, Guns n’ Roses and many others.

It has something for all tastes and, in addition, many activities spread throughout the Olympic Park, which together will rent a triplex in your memory after experiencing this festival.

Therefore, we have a list of 5 moments we are hoping to experience at the festival and we’re sure you’ll like it too:

Watch your favorite artist live

For sure, this is the most awaited moment for all Brazilian fans. Being a favorite artist in the country is already quite a joy, but now it has a special flavor. The return of in-person shows will recharge the energy of all fans.

Explore Rock City

Ah, tell the truth, there’s no way to have the full experience of being at Rock in Rio without going to the festival’s classic rides. Imagine passing the zipline during a show on the world stage, without a doubt an unforgettable feeling.

Furthermore, it also has megadropimagine falling from above while listening to electronic music in the heights.

And of course you can’t miss that little ride on the classic Ferris wheel, to look at the whole city of Rock from above. Quite a look, don’t forget to record every moment to post on instagram!

Enjoy with Friends

Nothing better than enjoying a show with friends, right? Singing with all your lungs the songs of your favorite artist, jumping, dancing, taking pictures with the crowd so that in the future all this will become good stories. There’s definitely no better way to make amazing memories than being on the side of the ones we love.

Like the themed activations

The themed Stands of the sponsoring brands is also a registered trademark to add to the experience of living the Rock in Rio.

Places that range from instagrammable scenarios perfect for that individual photo or with the crowd to challenge stands, with the right to prizes.

And it has activation for all tastes, music, gastronomy, games and even for those who are looking to take a new step in their relationship. The chapel inside rock City It is very busy and many weddings have taken place there.

Live intensely every second

Last but not least, the festival is about fun, music and lots of joy. It’s about enjoying every second, not forgetting to hydrate, take lots of pictures and record lots of videos.

Rock In Rio takes place on the days September 02, 03, 04, 08, 09, 10 and 11 at Rio de Janeiro Olympic Park. Who’s looking forward to the biggest festival in the world?

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