Rock In Rio, 28 shows in 7 days: event must meet expectations – 08/28/2022

The phrase “it will be the greatest Rock in Rio of all time” sounds almost like sales pitch, so many times organizers have repeated it since the event had its dates announced last year. But a tour of the City of Rock, which is being set up once again in the Barra Olympic Park, and a look at the numbers and structure show that Rock in Rio, in fact, will be superlative – and promises to be, at least, the size of the expectations of the festival’s fans.

The Mundo Stage, for example, will be equivalent in height to a ten-story building and 104 meters wide. As a comparison, if you were one of the 100,000 who guaranteed access to see Justin Bieber’s concert on the 4th, it will be as if the star were performing for an entire block in the buildings that extend along the edge of Copacabana, formed almost entirely by buildings of that height.

The structure of the main stage of the festival is being assembled with recycled steel – the concern with sustainability has been a motto of the event for at least two decades. There are 175 tons of metal used to host 28 shows over seven days. On the sides, two screens measuring 11.5 meters high and eight meters wide will help the public to better follow the presentations.

There are other stages spread across the nearly 400,000 square meters of area. Sunset will stir the audience to the sound of metal, soul, funk, rap, pop, MPB and Latin music. Espaço Favela will have 24 bands, DJs and performances by dancers from different communities in Rio, in addition to cultural and gastronomic events.


Rock Street is usually the most popular area of ​​the place. In this edition, the organizers will honor Mediterranean countries – the scenography will be inspired by the architecture of the traditional houses of France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, which are the honored countries.

Those who arrive for the festival will also be invited, once again, to have an “immersive and synesthetic experience” in the Nave space. The promise is to “feel in the Amazon” – before the action, minutes of reflection on the future of the planet.

Among other stages and spaces there is also the Rock District – where bands play songs that are not usually part of their tours -, plus the Gourmet Square and, of course, the traditional toys for adults: from the Ferris wheel to the zipline, passing through roller coaster and a GamePlay Arena.

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