Rock in Rio attraction, band Bastille announces show in São Paulo – 05/19/2022

05/19/2022 | 18:18

The British band Bastille announced that they will make a single performance in São Paulo, on September 9, at Tokio Marine Hall. Show will be the day after the group goes up to the World Stage of Rock in Rio 2022, a space that will also have Coldplay and Camila Cabello.

The quartet, known for hits like Pompeii, Happier, Good Grief, brings to Brazil the tour of their new album, Give Me The Future, the fourth of their career.

Bastille’s latest work is replete with references to science fiction films and literature, video games and VR. Songs explore an unfettered future, on a journey through time.

Bastille has sold over 11 million records, six UK Top 40 songs and 1.5 billion video views.

The Give Me The Future album:

1. Distorted Light Beam

2. Thelma + Louise

3. “No Bad Days

4. Brave New World (Interlude)

5. Back To The Future

6. Plug In?

7. Promises (by Riz Ahmed)

8. Shut Off The Lights

9. Stay Awake?

10. Give Me The Future

11. Club 57

12. Total Dissociation (Interlude)

13. Future Holds (feat. BIM)

Show service in São Paulo

Tokyo Marine Hall. R. Bragança Paulista, 1281 – Várzea de Baixo,

September 9, from 9:30 pm (gates open at 7:30 pm)

Tickets: from R$ 170.


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