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With less than a month until Rock in Rio 2022, anxiety begins to knock on the door to attend national and international concerts long awaited by Brazilians. However, before the current line-up, there were cancellations that shook some fans, such as Megadeth.

This is not unique to this edition alone. In 2011, for example, Jay-Z canceled its participation for personal reasons. It was in the same issue as Rihanna, Elton John, Shakira, Stevie Wonder and other successful artists. At the time, the rapper was replaced by Maroon 5.

Jay-Z would be in Brazil in 2011 — Photo: Reproduction

An unforgettable cancellation was also that of the Swedish singer Robyn. In addition to the festival, she would also open for Katy Perry’s show in São Paulo. The reason for the cancellation was understandable: she was mourning the death of musician Christian Falk, who worked with her.

Robyn was in mourning when she would come to Brazil – Photo: Disclosure

Lady Gaga also suddenly canceled her show in the 2017 edition, leaving fans waiting at the airport and in front of the hotel. The reason, according to the singer, was because of her fibromyalgia, which causes severe pain in the muscles.

Lady Gaga debuts ‘Chromatica Ball’ tour and reveals: ‘I was fighting for my life’ – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The event even became a meme due to the singer’s tweet, in which she said “Brazil, i’m devastated” (“Brazil, I’m devastated”).

In 2022 we had the cancellation of Joss Stone, Megadeth and Alcione.

Stone’s motive was quite unusual. In a press release, the singer said that the concert was a mistake by her manager.

Megadeth canceled the show and the reason was not disclosed. On the same day, Rock in Rio will host Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Sepultura + Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Gojira will be the band that will replace the heavy metal attraction.

Marrom canceled participation in the show in honor of Elza Soares and will not be replaced. The singer would perform on the Sunset Stage on September 11. The 74-year-old artist underwent spinal surgery and is recovering.

See the Rock in Rio 2022 schedule:

Check out the highlights of the Rock in Rio 2022 schedule

Check out the highlights of the Rock in Rio 2022 schedule

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