Rock in Rio: remember 15 remarkable moments of the festival!

Since 1985, the Rock in Rio It has a history filled with remarkable moments. While the 2022 edition presentations don’t start, how about remembering the highlights of some shows that have passed through Rock City? O POPline helps you travel through this timeline!

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Rock in Rio: remember iconic moments from the festival!
Beyoncé dancing funk at Rock in Rio 2013. (Photo: Globo)


If you are an assiduous fan of music, you must have remembered several unforgettable moments that happened on the stages of Rock in Rio. Some of them, by the way, became symbols of the festival and ended up being repeated on other occasions.

Queen’s success sung by the audience | Rock in Rio 1985

In the first edition of the festival, the queen immortalized one of the most remarkable moments in rock history. Freddie Mercury commanded 200 thousand voices to the sound of “Love Of My Life”next to the guitarist Brian May. Meanwhile, the crowd sang with one voice, surprising the musicians. The historic show was portrayed in the band’s biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody” (2018).

Jumping with Sandy and Junior | Rock in Rio 2001

In 2001, Sandy and Junior attended the festival and stirred more than 250 thousand people in the old Rock City. During the presentation of “Vamo Jump!”, the audience had fun, so they obeyed the music and jumped along with the brother and sister duo. Some say that the Brazilian duo had the best show of the “teen night” of that edition, which had ‘N SYNC and Britney Spearsboth at the height of worldwide success.

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“The crowd is asking for Anitta” | Rock in Rio 2019

One of the highlights of the 2019 edition of the festival was the presentation of anita on the World Stage. The singer officially marked the arrival of funk to the festival’s line-up with a show that recalled her past, including Hurricane 2000.

However, this iconic moment happened before Almighty even took the stage. While Di Ferrero and Aunt Muller presented the coverage and awaited the show of anitathe audience started to scream “Hey Bolsonaro, go take the c*”.

The presenter then joked about the situation and, to show the audience at home the cries against the president, said that the audience was “asking for too much Anitta”. The situation, of course, quickly went viral and started happening at other music festivals.

Rihanna surprised by the audience | Rock in Rio 2015

In 2015, Rihanna was at the festival for the second time and their fans were excited to hear the new hits released since their last visit four years earlier.

One of the moments that surprised the singer was during “Birthday Cake”causing her to stop the show so her band could get ready to play with the audience at the event. “Do you love this song so much? Okay, let’s play one more time. Rio, I want to hear it even loudercommented.

Katy Perry’s Julius | Rock in Rio 2011

How not to remember moments between fan and idol on stage? Shirtless, Júlio was chosen by Katy Perry for this moment of interaction. The singer joked that she wanted to “taste” a Brazilian. And the Sorocaba fan made headlines when he was kissed on the cheek by the voice of “Firework”.

Faith No More “Swallowed Up” Guns N’ Roses | Rock in Rio 1991

In 1991, the Armas e Rosas was the big attraction of Rock in Rio. The band was also responsible for suggesting that the festival invite the group Faith no more to perform in Rio de Janeiro, charging one of the lowest fees at the event.

The two bands, by the way, performed on the same day. It turns out that the band practically “swallowed” Guns N’ Roses and had the most talked about show of the second edition of the festival. Such an impact has made Mike Patton and his companions returned to Brazil in the same year for a solo tour. Take a peek at the mass hysteria during the megahit “Epic”:

Britney Spears: a show with a lot of choreography, but with playback and boos | Rock in Rio 2001

In 2001, Britney Spears arrived in Brazil to perform his first show in the country. The singer was at the height of her career, at the age of 19, and had recently released her second album, “Oops!…I Did It Again”full of successes.

Despite the well-elaborated choreography, some particularities did not please much. The excess of playback was one of them, something unusual in Brazilian music. But it was in “Lucky”when the flag of United States appeared on stagewhich the public could not stand and booed the singer.

Queens of the Stone Age musician used the bass as a “sex cover” | Rock in Rio 2001

In 2001, one of the most talked about topics during the Queens of the Stone Age was the surprise to see the bassist Nick Oliveri totally naked on stage Rock in Rio. The situation, by the way, according to reports at the time, had already happened before and was a common act of the band.

Also, TV shows at the time said that the same scene took place in the swimming pool of the hotel where the band was staying. There are reports that Britney Spears would be in the same place and would have seen the whole scene. Meanwhile, at the show, the bassist was forced to put on a pair of pants and, hours later, he was arrested for indecent exposure. The musician’s justification would have been that he “I thought the act was normal and that I would have seen naked people on TV at Carnival“.

Carlinhos Brown and the bottles | Rock in Rio 2001

boos on Rock in Rio It was something “common” for some time. Erasmo Carlos, Lobão, Britney Spears… But in 2001, Carlinhos Brown was placed to perform on the same day as Oasis and Armas e Rosas. The decision, however, did not please rock fans. Finally, the boos were inevitable.

While singing “A Namorada”, the singer was hit by a shower of plastic bottles. Even so, he provoked the audience and continued his show. “You can play whatever you want, because I’m for peace! nothing hits me“, he shouted, as he received more and more bottles.

Beyoncé and the ‘Passinho do Volante’ | Rock in Rio 2013

Now, anyone who believes that the first time that funk was on the Mundo Stage was with anita. Six years ago, Beyonce surprised the festival audience by dancing “Step Wheel”which was a huge success at the time.

the music of Drilling 2000 and the Leleks was on the lips of the public, who were amused by the surprise. It is worth remembering that at that time, funk still did not enjoy the same prestige as it does today. Therefore, the attitude of Beyonce was one of the most surprising and entered the history of the festival.

Mini IZA | Rock in Rio 2019

Another special moment of the 2019 edition was the meeting of IZA and Luara Martins, the Mini IZA. The two danced together in Sunset stage during the first performance of the singer from Rio de Janeiro at the festival.

Still on the show, IZA remembered when he was at the concert Sam Smithin 2015. The singer said that she prayed from the audience that one day it would be her on stage. “I knelt on the floor and said: I know that in 2017 it will not work, but in 2019, I hope to be on stage doing what Sam is doing!”she said.

Don’t go down to play | Rock in Rio 2017

In 2017, it was time to Fergie disembark in Brazil to perform at the festival. In the week of the show, several rumors of a Brazilian participation began to appear on social networks. Many believed in the participation of anita, who was taking the first steps in his international career. Nonetheless, Pablo Vittar surprised everyone when he went up by surprise in the presentation.

the singer sang “Glamorous” beside Fergie, and even added a Brazilian part to the singer’s success. Then the drag queen put the Rock in Rio to dance to the sound of “Your face”successful partnership with the Major Leisure and anita.

Flying P!nk | Rock in Rio 2019

In the latest edition of Rock in Rio before the pandemic, one of the most talked about shows was that of P!nk. She performed a presentation that was marked by having “fly” over the audience. During “So what”, the singer performed acrobatics across the sky Olympic Park.

And if you wonder how P!nk can do all the pirouettes and stunts at his shows, the answer is simple! Before becoming a star, she had a dream of being an Olympic gymnast. The wish, however, ended up not working out because of the artist’s personality.

Claudia Leitte trying to fly | Rock in Rio 2011

While some succeed, others are just trying. In 2011, Claudia Leitte wanted to say goodbye to world stage literally “above”. The singer used equipment so that she could be hoisted across the stage.

The idea, however, did not work out and what the public ended up seeing was the artist’s despair when she was upside down on the equipment. She still tried to solve the problem, but ended up getting into a loop swivel. Certainly one of the most hilarious moments of the festival.

Jared Leto on the zipline (more than once!) | Rock in Rio 2013 and 2017

Looks like Jared Letolead singer of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars, really likes the zipline. He was the first artist to step down on equipment during the show.

This, however, was not the only time. In 2017, Jared decided to go through the zipline one more time. This time, the singer even took his own microphone to the toy. After the star, many repeated his gesture, but without the surprise of the originality.

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