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concert rock in the scene This year has come into force again with a generous program. Here’s our pick of ten artists who must watch during the 2023 edition, which will take place from 23 to 27 August. national domain of saint-cloud (92):

billie eilish – Wednesday, August 23

At only twenty one years old, billie eilish has been a sensation on the global pop scene for many years. With a career filled with international records and successes, she has established herself as an essential artist, revolutionizing pop with her innovative music and mature lyrics. His unique and captivating voice, coupled with his mesmerizing presence on stage, leaves the audience spellbound with every performance. and for the first time FranceShe specifically titled her new single “What Was I Made For?” Presents, taken from the soundtrack to the film barbie, The announcement promises to bring a special touch to his performances during his much-anticipated tour rock in the scene Get ready to be taken to the magical world of 2023. billie eilish during this unforgettable moment.

Florence + The Machine – Saturday 26 August

london superstar Florence Welch continues to win new fans with each album release. His last album, dance fever (2022), and his soulful performance transports the audience to a mystical and uplifting universe. Get ready for an exciting natural experience.

placebo – Friday 25 August

placeboThe famous group of the 90s, which marked the world of rock with its glamor and its toxic music. His mesmerizing presence on stage has catapulted him to iconic status. Brian Molko And Stephen Oldsdal, with its deep, melodic sound, stood out from mainstream Britpop. With eight studio albums and memorable singles, don’t miss their electrifying concert that will bring you back to the essence of ’90s rock.

the strokes – Sunday 27 August

from new yorkers the strokes Considered the epitome of modern rock. His last album, new unusualhas been critically acclaimed and marked 2020 as the musical year. enjoy this special rock in the scene To discover his unique sound that blends references from past and present sounds.

Emile and the Sniffers – Sunday 27 August

this punk quartet Melbourne Known for his wild music and boundless energy. His frenetic stage performances and his rebellious spirit have already won Australia, Be ready to be swept away by their rock storm when they pass by rock in the scene,

boy genius – Friday 25 August

boy genius is a supergroup that includes Julian Baker, phoebe bridgers And lucy dacus, three talented artists who have established themselves individually on the rock scene. their cooperation within boy genius Gives rise to powerful and dynamic music. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them together on stage again France,

colts – Sunday 27 August

coltsa british group addicted rock in the scene, It already has three partnerships to its name. His seventh studio album, Life is yours (2022), a mix of muscular rock and picky electro. His energy on stage is always explosive, and his massive performance guarantees a memorable concert.

turnstile – Friday 25 August

native baltimore, turnstile features a bold mix of hardcore and other musical genres. His albums are full of surprises, including collaborations with renowned artists. His latest album, keep shining (2021) received critical acclaim and received three nominations for Grammy Awards 2023. Prepare to be blown away by their boundless energy when they perform rock in the scene,

yes yes yes – Saturday 26 August

after a long wait of nine years yes yes yes are back with a new album called cool it down (2022). produced by David SitekThe disc shows a more relaxed side of the band while retaining its rock essence. Expect a mesmerizing performance from karen o and his followers.

Nova Twins – Sunday 27 August

Nova Twins are necessary for rock in the scene 2023. Explosive in their music and style, these two friends from London conquered the rock scene in 2016 with their disastrous debut EP. Their vibrant energy, amidst angry punk and irrepressible shit, will not leave anyone indifferent. Don’t miss their electrifying performance!

rock in the scene 2023 promises to be an unforgettable festival with a diverse and exciting line-up. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, punk or electronic music, you’ll find what you’re looking for among these ten extraordinary artists. Don’t miss your chance to see them on stage and experience intense and memorable musical moments. Get ready to sing, dance and let yourself be swayed by the infectious energy of these extraordinary talents.

Book your tickets now on the official website of rock in the scene ( and see you on 23rd, 25th, 26th and 27th August, 2023. national domain of saint-cloud ,

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