Rodrigo Faro turns into Shawn Mendes in this Sunday’s “Dança, Gatinho”

The “Hora do Faro” this weekend, the 15th, at 15:45, counts with former BBB Emilly Araújo and Rico Melquíades as love counselors for young people willing to find a new partner. If there’s a kiss at the end, the audience accompanies a “Dança, Gatinho” in honor of the singer Shawn Mendes.

Emily got so into the show’s mood that she even asks to talk to a highly sought-after suitor. Will she kiss?

Also, for the first time this season, the boys’ ex-girlfriends help the contestants choose – or not! – your candidates. In the boys’ team there is a fighter from Jiu Jitsu, an influencer with over a million followers and two aspiring musicians: one sings an original song and plays the guitar, the other shows his skills in the cavaquinho. Will it stick?

After the couples are formed, presenter Rodrigo Faro responds to the requests and transforms himself into Shawn Mendes, a Canadian artist with whom he is very physically similar. Besides the performance “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”, Rodrigo welcomes dancer Sheila Mello, who takes the place of singer Camila Cabello, for the choreography of hit “Senorita”.

The boy who takes the “stump” goes straight to Rapunzel’s Enchanted Kingdom, with Paulão and William dressed as king and prince, Lollipop as a horse and the grumpy Pygmy in the role of Rapunzel

Then, starting at 6 pm, the viewer follows another episode of the new season of Canta Comigo, also under the command of Faro.

Hora do Faro is presented by Rodrigo Faro and airs on Sundays at 3:45 pm on Record TV. The artistic direction is by Cesar Barreto; the direction, by Rita Fonseca and Diego Oliveira.

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