Roksana Węgiel revealed how much she spends on clothes. The amount does not matter !?

Roksana Węgiel makes no secret of the fact that she wears high-street clothes, but from time to time decides to buy from designers. The young star says bluntly: “I do not pay attention to whether it costs PLN 5,000 or PLN 50.”

Roksana Węgiel is one of the most popular stars of the young generation. Concerts, albums, events, photo sessions – all this translates into quite a lot of salaries, and thus, Roksana Węgiel can afford shopping madness. Where does a young artist most often dress? Roksana Węgiel in an interview with revealed where she buys clothes and how much she spends on them …

Roksana Węgiel reveals the amount of money he spends on shopping

Roksana Węgiel has undergone a considerable metamorphosis over the years and from a good girl she turns into a self-confident woman who reaches for bolder stylizations. Some of the singer’s outfits are controversial, especially if they reveal too much. And what clothes does Roksana Węgiel wear on a daily basis? It turns out that the winner of “The Voice Kids” focuses primarily on high-street clothes, but not only …

I try to do it wisely. It makes no difference to me whether I wear designer or chain stores. If something catches my eye, I buy it

The star is an inspiration for her fans, who often use sets similar to those she wears herself. Roksana Węgiel does not hide that it is nice for her, and she dresses herself in such a way that, above all, she feels good in the selected set. How much does it spend on clothes? It turns out that she does not pay attention to the prices on the tag, if she likes something – she buys it!

It is very nice when someone tells me that I am an inspiration for him. Really nice … I dress the way I feel, in what I like, what catches my eye. I try to choose styles so that I feel comfortable in it. I don’t pay attention to whether it costs 5,000 or 50 zlotys, but if I like something, I have no problem with wearing a chain store. On a daily basis, I mainly dress in chain stores. The fact that I am a popular person does not mean that I have to wear designer clothes. I live and look like any normal girl.

Roksana Węgiel Style Icon of the plebiscite Party 2021

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What about stage creations? It turns out that the artist also has the final say on this issue, and if the outfit does not suit her, she speaks openly about it. Roksana Węgiel does not hide that she works with people who take her opinion into account and take into account the preferences of the young artist:

The scene has its own rules. The stage creations just have to look different than the everyday ones. (…) If I don’t like something, I say it right away. I usually work with people who consider my inspirations and what I want to look like, who take my opinion into account. I have such people around me – said Roksana Węgiel in an interview for

As you know, the stage creations of Roksana Węgiel arouse considerable controversy. In fact, the 17-year-old looks too serious in them?

Roksana Węgiel on New Year's Eve with TVP 2021/2022

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