Rolling Stones release list of the best songs by singer Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been one of the biggest names in music in recent years. With songs that mix pop, electronic, r&b and other genres that she has experimented with throughout her career, the singer has achieved several hits on the world charts.

Based on this, the Rolling Stones created a Top 50 with the best tracks by the artist. The list includes tracks from the first albums as well as recent releases. The magazine highlights the versatility that Ariana has shown since the transition from an actress to a singer and points out the reasons for choosing each song.

Check out the Top 10:

1. Into You

2. No tears left to cry

3. Ghostin

4. Bad Idea

5. Thank you, Next

6. One Last Time

7. Touch It

8. Imagine

9. Rain on me

10. God is a Woman

single clip into you. (Reproduction / Youtube / Ariana Grande).

Track Rain on Me is their only Top 10 collaboration. Released alongside Lady Gaga, the song won a Grammy Award for Best Duo Performance. The other songs, in addition to individual ones, also marked important moments in the singer’s life and career.

One Last Time, for example, became a song in honor of the victims of a terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester. No tears left to cryin turn, was the first release after what happened and is about moving on after a long suffering.

Another milestone is Thank You, Next title track of the singer’s sixth studio album. The single brought together references to the 2000s and also dealt with how she dealt with the losses she had.

First place, however, went to into you. According to Rolling Stones, the track is both dark and explosive capable of transporting listeners to an underground club, which makes the song not only Ariana’s best, but also one of the best of the 2010s.

Featured Photo: Ariana Grande, American singer. Reproduction/ Art Streiber/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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