Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge makes its debut in Poland. Who will buy it?

DJ sets, artificial smoke hanging low above the floor, neon signs with an infinity sign, club tables and the glow of spotlights. In such circumstances, the Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge was shown in Poland for the first time. Arranging the recording studio for the club was not accidental – this model is addressed primarily to young clients who “have succeeded in breaking the rules, taking risks and disregarding the usual conventions”.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge Live

Puffiness? Exaggerating the label? Not this time. The Black Badge version brings a freedom to the Rolls-Royce range that is somewhat lacking in other models. Naturally, the British limousine is still majestic and impresses with its monumental size (the body length exceeds 5.5 m, and the axle size reaches almost 3.3 m!), But it does not dazzle as much.

The dark character was introduced with the use of a special chromium electrolyte, which is responsible for the dark finish effect visible, among others. on the legendary Spirit of Ecstasy figurine and the ostentatious Pantheon grill. In addition, there are special, subdued Black Badge alloy wheels with elements made of carbon. Little? Here you go, the Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge can be ordered in “the deepest in the automotive industry” black color.

Let’s stop here for a moment, because the very process of applying this varnish is amazing. 45 kg of sprayed paint lands on the electrostatically charged surface of the white body. Then the car body goes to an oven where the drying process takes place. Then it is covered with two layers of clear varnish and sanded by hand by four employees. But you can also choose one of the 44 thousand. (sic!) other shades designed by Rolls-Royce and break this black with a vivid blue color, for example. Of course, it is also possible to design and reserve your own paintwork to ensure that it will not be found in any other car.

The dark atmosphere of sport

Inside, for the first time in this model, you can opt for a technical, carbon veneer and leather upholstery in … turquoise (google: “Rolls-Royce Turchese”, because it cannot be described). Of course, these are not mandatory points – like every Rolls customer can configure the Black Badge however he likes. However, he will only get the recurring motif of the infinity sign in this version.

But wait … Carbon fiber in a limo? And why not? It is this breaking the rules and disregarding the conventions. Moreover, this material in the cabin corresponds to other changes, specifically those aimed at improving performance and providing customers with even more driving fun. The Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge has the same iconic 6.75 V12 engine under the hood, but the new software has raised the power to 600hp (+29hp) and the maximum torque to 900Nm (+ 50Nm).

Will anyone be interested in this villain? Piotr Fus from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Warszawa and the host of the club premiere sees it as an opportunity to reach new audiences. “Polish customers received the new version of Ghost extremely positively. Black Badge Ghost is the most advanced model in the Black Badge series and will certainly attract younger, brave customers and will contribute to increasing the number of cars on Polish roads” – Fus assured during the show.

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