Rolls-Royce’s electric plane breaks the speed record

An airplane called the Spirit of Innovation (Spirit of Innovation) actually set three records. The most important of these is the speed record. Machine Rolls-Royce accelerated to the point 623 km / h. In addition to him, the record for ascent to 3000 meters, which was 202 seconds, was also broken, as well as the speed record over a distance of 15 kilometers, i.e. 292.8 km / h.

All records have been accepted by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the World Air Sport Federation, and are awaiting official certification. Rolls-Royce engineers will not rest on their laurels. They are already getting ready for the next modifications of their machine to increase its possibilities.

It is not about breaking records so far reserved by combustion-powered machines, the most important issue is to show that electric drives in airplanes they can already offer practical application. And not only in commercial aviation, but also in the most demanding sports aviation and competitive.

A secret The Spirit of Innovation is the drive. It is based on three 750R engines, which translates into 500 horsepower of power. When it comes to the battery, this is a real gem. There is a package of 6,000 individual cells on board, which provides a range of 320 kilometers on a single charge. Rolls-Royce has reported that these are the most densely packed battery cellsever used in the aerospace industry.


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