“Roma second? A disappointment! We invested, not spent”

FORMELLO – Maurizio Sarri’s second season opens at Lazio. There is Bologna at the Olimpico in the first league game and the Biancoceleste coach, in a press conference, talked about the moment and more: “An entry game is always delicate, difficult. The change between friendlies and real matches is not automatic, moreover the opponents have always created difficulties for us. Difficult game, we hope to see a Lazio that is not at the top today, but I would like to find it. at acceptable levels. It is difficult to understand where we are, we are having more difficulty in unloading the workloads. The Auronzo soil did not help us, full of sand and very heavy in the loads that we usually do. The feeling is that we are slightly brighter, we hope to be ready for a match that counts. The objectives? The season is crazier than I expected, just think that August 14th is played at 18.30. After the lockdown, when the championship started again, it was played at 8.45 pm … it is already an inconvenience. In Italy everything is being done not to sell the product. It is not possible to play at 18.30. The season is even crazier than you might have thought at first. We have rejuvenated, we have changed several elements. We must remain competitive as the excellent cycle passed. The first goal is this. Nobody knows our potential. We have some if we become a real team, which thinks together. If we can create this mentality we can do something important ”.

Lazio according to Sarri

“Last year we were among the oldest roses in Europe. We had to rejuvenate and this brings you a new beginning of the path. We are lucky enough to have a base last year, but the journey begins now. I like the team that I have, there is something logical done, which falls within the dimensions of our company. We are not a company that can buy top players around Europe and therefore we need to look for alternative routes. In a hypothetical way we did it well, the company took a very logical path to guarantee a technical basis. The goalkeeper? I haven’t decided. Maximiano has been working with us for the longest time, Provedel fits in well. The field will decide, but both will find their space ”.

Sarri and the jab against Rome

“I made market requests based on the availability of the company. I have no pressure on me. Mourinho’s sentence? They spent, we invested with young players. I thank José for the trust, I hope to please him. Roma’s second place would be a disappointment in my opinion. Luis Alberto was really sick, there is a report from an emergency room. He did the first two workouts with feelings of vomiting and dizziness. The situation of him is known: he has the desire to return to Sevilla, in Spain. For a part of the preparation he was conditioned by this thought, the company made itself available. Now there is no such possibility and in the last few days I have seen it well. Milinkovic? I’m quiet up to a point. I see it as last year, a bit in trouble. But this is part of his physical characteristics, he doesn’t go in condition right away. Everything is normal, it must be accompanied for 2-3 games, then he will accompany us. A left back? A natural left would guarantee something more in the construction phase and offensive thrust. Let’s see the situation as it evolves. We did a year with a right to left, we can do another one. The fans? I am happy with their response, the trust they show. We hope to pay them back soon. We enter the league with a full Olympic is a comfort. The people of Lazio are much better than they are described around. The pitch will tell if we can play with Marcos Antonio: great setter, speed of ideas. Then the defensive participation is good, the physical impact less. We evaluate on our skin at the cost of losing something ”.

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