Rome, a gang of thieves is stuck in the tunnel dug to reach the bank vault –

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In via Innocenzo XI. Part of the tunnel ceiling would have collapsed on the criminals. To give the alarm to 112 would have been the pole of the gang of criminals. Two people blocked in place by the carabinieri, another rescued with oxygen underground

He remained eight hours underground, in a tunnel about six meters deep in via Innocenzo XI, at Aurelio. Get me out of here! she screamed all afternoon even cursing a 30-year-old man in the firefighters of the Saf and Usar special teams, with the Gos, the Special Operations Groups, which used special vehicles that appeared several times in earthquake-like scenarios to rescue people stranded under the rubble. In this case it was instead an individual on whom the carabinieri are carrying out investigations to understand why on Thursday morning he was left under a tunnel that suddenly collapsed, after the subsidence of the floor of a shop not in operation overlooking the street.

There are fears for his health conditions: the material that buried it a lot and the doctors on the spot are trying to stabilize it before extracting it from the tunnel because there is a risk that the return to the surface could cause fatal embolisms. Its location close to the road, beyond the sidewalk, about five meters away from the shop entrance. He talks to the rescuers, but moves less and less. The firefighters of the special departments have it on sight.

With the man, fed with liquids and also assisted with an oxygen cylinderthere were at least three other people who managed to escape from the tunnel alone but who at the sight of the carabinieri patrols who rushed to the place tried to get away on foot: they have a variety of police records, including for theftAnd they were stopped by the soldiers of the Trastevere company in front of the residents who filmed the dramatic scene from the balconies. They weren’t dirty with earth. From their behavior and from the depth of the tunnel dug under the shop, in the direction of a bank which is also hundreds of meters away from Via Innocenzo XI, the suspicion arises that in reality the group was planning a theft with the hole in the vault, to be put in sign on the weekend of August, as often happens in these circumstances.

Actually already in the morning, around 11, a request for help had arrived at the emergency switchboard of the fire brigade from people who were stuck in via Innocenzo XI. Help, we got stuck in a tunnel, the alarm raised by the group of suspected thieves who had entered the shop in via Innocenzo XI.

Later, in the middle of the afternoon, the firefighters were busy for hours trying to free the last of the group that remained buried about six meters deep: after the intervention of a bulldozer that has opened a hole in the middle of the roadnow rescuers are using a huge vacuum to remove the clayey sand it covers the subsoil at that point to reach manwho speaks and is fed with fluids and assisted with oxygen.

We do not exclude that to give the alarm a few hours earlier may have been the gang pole who noticed that something was not going the right way. At that point the man decided to contact 112 who immediately turned the call to the fire brigade. Some teams of rescuers intervened on the spot and identified the tunnel dug by the thieves: for reasons under investigation a part of the tunnel ceiling collapsed on the criminals blocking them in a ravine only a few meters wide, risking to make them suffocate. However, among the hypotheses there is also that of illegal workers engaged in an intervention in an illegal construction site. But investigations are still underway on this point.

The position of the people stopped in the morning by the Arma soldiers who arrived on the spot with some plainclothes patrols still being examined to understand their role in the affair and why they fled from the shop where a tunnel had been opened. There has been talk of renovations in the business that has been closed to the public for some timebut the suspicion is actually that the underground tunnel in which the man rescued by the firemen ended up is not connected to the work in the shop. This is why we investigate the presence of people in the room and their hasty escape after the alarm was raised to help those who had not managed to return to the surface.

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