Rome, falls in love with prostitute 28 years younger, she leaves him and he threatens clients: pensioner accused of stalking

He had fallen in love with one prostitute thirty years younger, to the point of wanting her all to himself and being able to make a “steady couple” with her. A story that would resemble the plot of Pretty Womanwere it not that the unusual love story does not end with the happy ending between Richard Gere And Julia Robertsbut with a trial before the Court of Rome. The man – a retired 62-year-old Roman, disappointed by their suddenly wrecked relationship – would have become a torment for the 34-year-old and her new partner, so much so that he cyclically showed up in the place where the “love at first sight” had taken place, with the goal of letting his parents escape customers and fill it with insults. Now, for these facts, the pensioner is accused from stalking: Lin defense he chose the abbreviated procedure, a judgment that provides for the reduction of one third of the sentence. The two victims, assisted by the lawyer Carlo Testa Piccolomini, appeared as a civil party in the trial.
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The facts disputed by the Prosecutor’s Office date back to 2021 and would have lasted for almost a year. According to what the magistrates reconstruct, the accused had met the young prostitute, a 34-year-old native of Romania, in a street on the outskirts of the capital, in Colle Regillo. And, after several meetings as a common client, he realized that he had fallen in love with her, thirty years younger than her andthe good-looking. At first everything was limited to a simple one working relationship, but then the man had begun to show his interest with several advances. Courts to which the woman had succumbed, so much so that between the two there was immediately a mutual attraction. A real relationship was born, as if to recall the stories of the characters Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward in the American romantic film directed by Garry Marshall. So far everything almost cinematic. After a short time, however, the feeling on the part of the victim subsided: tohe had decided to break the relationship and make a new life, with a new partner.
But his life dailytosince last June, was was made impossible by the accused, that does not had accepted the sudden end of their relationship. He would have started to lurk continuously under the 34-year-old’s house, to check every his moving and frequentingAnd, until he followed her as soon as she left the house.

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That is is also happened on the day of the arrest of the 62 year oldJune 2, 2021. Furthermore, the stormvand of “harassing and threatening” telephone messages, the prosecutors write in the proceedings. TOwould like really identified its customersin one case also by photographing the license plate of the car to threaten and harass themso that stop attend her. “Go to your lawyer, so dear to me, the law can’t do anything to me,” he would have said to the woman when,or last yearhad introduced himself on his own workplace to sow panic.
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A few days after the last episode he would have thrown a rusted metal dog collar from the car with a note attached: “Burned foot to the dog, with something you know.” On another occasion, while the 34 years old he was waiting for the customers in the street, he would approach her and insult her and then leave by repeatedly honking the horn of his car. Based on what the magistrates reconstruct in the charge, the retired it would have caused the woman “a well-founded fear for her own safety and to force her to alter her habits of life, causing her panic attacks and a state of permanent agitation, frightening her with threats and violent conduct”.
And then he would have raged against the new companion, “Threatening and harassing him in such a way as to cause him a persistent state of anxiety and fear.” She would have chased him in the car, insultandolo in the middle of the road.


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