Rome, Pellegrini-Zaniolo chat: anti-Juve move?

Twenty minutes of intense dialogue on the pitch between the two Giallorossi jewels, during the training camp in the Algarve, sparked the speculations of the fans

Once upon a time there were Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi who not only called the players to make them come to Roma, but also talked to their teammates to make them stay in Trigoria (Salah or Dzeko, just to give an example) when they wanted to leave. The fans, seeing these images directly from Roma’s retreat in the Algarve (photo of the website hope that the same will happen this time. And that the chat of about twenty minutes between captain Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolò Zaniolo has the same effects, that is, that it is a preparatory dialogue for the permanence of the former Inter talent in the Giallorossi: “Daje it happens, think about it”, one of the many messages that you read on social networks. The Romanists are hoping for it …

Smiles and words

Nobody knows what the two said: the journalists present immortalized the scene but they were too distant, mouths sewn up by their respective entourages: they could have talked about children, holidays, tattoos or anything else. Or maybe, really, between smiles, they might have talked about the future. There are those who joke: “In Turin they will say that Zaniolo is working to bring Pellegrini to Juventus” and those who are very serious: “Lorenzo knows that a great Rome passes through Nicolò”; “Zaniolo is the man who brought us the Conference, it is normal that Pellegrini wants to keep him”; “I hope Zaniolo understands that his future is in Rome”. As proof of this affection, a fact: in the past when we talked about other players who could go to Juventus, the fans downloaded them in a short time, Nicolò is very much loved. And for this reason, even in the radio, the mood is always the same. And there are also those who underline one thing: “If Pellegrini and Zaniolo started talking like this, publicly, it is because they wanted to do so. And therefore they wanted to launch a massage”, the thought of a fan who tried to go beyond the image itself. What will happen now? The market will tell: in any case this photo will remain iconic because it is the photo of the hope of an entire supporter in a summer afternoon.

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