Rome, Roma raid in hospital after attempted theft: beating at San Camillo

The fire has been burning under the ashes for months among the condominiums of Largo Giuseppe Veratti, the area beyond the Tiber between viale Marconi and go Ostiense. For some time, in fact, the five buildings in the area, where thefts and raids are recorded, have ended up in the crosshairs of Roma and stragglers. On Monday morning the fuse went off when one of the residents, LB, met a nomad in the square she had seen just before tinkering with the meters of the staircase. She then filmed him inviting him to leave. The young man reacted instead and the two came to blows. A furious quarrel to which the partner and cohabitant of the woman, DC, was added. The situation was resolved with the arrival of the carabinieri. All three were transported to the hospital St. Camillus. But as soon as the couple was discharged, they were still attacked. This time, however, from the group of nomads, 20 people including friends and relatives of the young man with whom they had discussed shortly before.


The carabinieri of the group are investigating the case Eur who are working to trace the identity of the attackers who, from the first checks, would be residents in the shanty town of vicolo Savini. The Prosecutor’s Office of Rome has already opened an injury file. While in Largo Veratti, still yesterday, there was tension and fear.
«When I came to live here 25 years ago – says Antonio Prischi, resident in one of the buildings – this was a happy island. A very quiet area, served and well attended. Today, however, if I had the financial means, I would immediately change home. The cellars were targeted and everyone took turns being stolen. They broke down the windows, the doors – he still says – it was more expensive to repair what was damaged than the value of what they stole. There were mostly bicycles and little valuables. But these gypsies, because we know it was them, have no qualms ».

Never residents they are scared and worried above all about what happened in the parking lot on Monday morning: “It was not the first time they were caught tinkering with the meters and we still haven’t been able to understand why, what they are looking for and why they do it” reports Laura Funari, who adds : «During the day, the situation seems calm. But it is an apparent calm. As soon as evening falls in our gardens, everything happens. Starting with the comings and goings of prostitutes who often use our parking lot. Added to this is the escalation of thefts that we have suffered. The police intervene, they record what happened but then nothing concrete happens ».
Already exasperated, they fear that the latest episode could trigger retaliation and other violent episodes: «The neighbor invited the Roma to leave and was attacked: what else can happen? I could also have been there instead of her »comments Loredana Fantini, a pensioner:« I am old and I would like to live in a place where I feel calm. In recent months, however, it got much worse. We can’t even figure out how they sneak into the building. The suspicion – concludes the old woman – is that the Roma wanted to enter an apartment and was disturbed by the lady who was leaving. We only hope that checks will increase both at night and during the day and that here we can live with more tranquility ».


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