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Romelu Lukaku gave a short interview to Chelsea club television in which he talked about the situation from his perspective. He also provided information on preparations and upcoming difficult challenges.

It may sound like a rhetorical question, but how are you holding up?

– The last few days have been quite difficult. I think you know why. There are also difficult weeks behind me, because returning from an injury was not easy. Then I was even quarantined. When I was on the pitch, I wanted to help the team as best I can. We won against Aston Villa and then that frustrating game against Brighton that made everyone dissatisfied. Finally, the whole intelligence situation.

Definitely. I just want to make sure: do you understand why the fans are outraged by all of this?

– Of course, I totally understand. I guess I should make my thoughts clearer. The interview was intended to say goodbye to the entire Inter community, not to show disrespect to the community, owner, manager or colleagues at Chelsea. Everyone put a lot of effort into getting me back to where I started my mission. I really wanted to play here again, so I am fully aware of the feelings of the fans in this matter.

– Now my job is to show everyone how much I care about regaining the trust. I am fully committed to Chelsea and I will prove it.

In an interview you said that you would like to come back to Inter. You have a 5-year contract. So what would you say to fans of The Blues who may be making your dedication doubtful?

“ I’ve always said I want to play here and be successful with Chelsea. That’s why I signed a contract for five years. In my opinion, Chelsea is a club doomed to success. All the players who come here win. I would like to play here for many years, win and win trophies. I show my commitment every day during trainings and it is important to me that everyone knows that I have the best intentions.

At one point in your speech you said that a transfer to teams such as Real, Barcelona and Bayern meant more than to Chelsea.

– Not completely. What I meant was that kids who play soccer dream of being part of these clubs. In my case it was Chelsea and those who know me better know that when I was 10-11 I wanted to play at Stamford Bridge.

– I came here for the first time when I was 18. Not everything went my way then. Now I am back at the age of 28 and at the best moment of my career. I can’t spoil it. For the last 10 years I have been working hard to get this chance. I am very happy to be here and I want to show everyone in the club and the fans that they are important to me. I will do my best so that we will win the next matches and enjoy the trophies at the end of the season.

As you said at the beginning: you realize that you have upset a large group of people with your speech. What’s your message for them?

– I am so sorry for the confusion I caused. You know how strong a bond I have with this club is, but I also understand that you are angry with me. Now is the time for me to try to regain your confidence by working daily in training and matches. Also, I would like to apologize to the coach, management and my colleagues because it was a bad time. I would like to move forward from now on and contribute to Chelsea’s victories.

At the beginning, you spoke about the difficulties that you had to deal with. Tell us about your current life in the UK.

– Pretty good, to be honest. My colleagues helped me a lot, the whole group made sure that I adapt as soon as possible. I only miss my family, my mother and the boys. Fortunately, they will be moving here soon, so I’ll be seeing them more often.

Focusing only on football, you will face Tottenham three times in different competitions in the coming weeks, then Manchester City and a short while later going to the Club World Cup. Do you feel the excitement of the challenges ahead?

– It is very exciting. This is where you play football. As a team, we’ll prepare ourselves accordingly. The coach will choose a tactic that will allow us to win these games. This is what we want at Chelsea, so we are looking forward to these games.

When we spoke for the first time this summer, you mentioned the winning mentality that you saw in the eyes of your colleagues. You knew they were going to win the Champions League final. It is a strong group that can do a lot. You are currently fighting on five fronts. What’s within your reach?

– A lot. You have to believe in your abilities. You can’t run too far, you have to focus from game to game. Now we have a difficult game against Spurs where we have to set the pace and our style of play from the very first minute. In the game against Liverpool, we showed our character, we came back from a difficult situation and sent a signal that we are able to take up an equal fight. Our task now is to maintain good quality and high form, and then this season can be full of success for us.

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