Romelu Lukaku’s transfer: from Saudi Arabia more than two weeks ago

The race against time is on. In a fortnight the transfer window at the major European championships closes. And one has to wonder where Romelu Lukaku would be at that point. At the moment, no one knows. Not even him, even if he still holds out hope that the doors leading to Juventus will eventually open.

However, this option seems to be going away now. Nothing has changed for the Bianconeri: Dusan Vlahovic must first be sold before the Red Devils can be welcomed. Except that the three clubs that were thinking about the Serb chose other options: Bayern Munich bought Harry Kane, PSG turned to Goncalo Ramos and Chelsea chose not to follow up on exchange offers.

Even if talks between Juve and Chelsea have not completely broken down, Romelu Lukaku should seriously consider a move to another destination. The most obvious might be Tottenham, who are able to pay the €40m Chelsea are asking for given the record sale (€100m) of Harry Kane to Bayern. A number of English media go on to say that Spurs are giving full consideration to the possibility.

Cleared by the Tifosi and blocked by Vlahovic: what are the other options for Lukaku?

However, other tracks exist to replace Harry Kane. gazzetta dello sport Cited is the name of Folarin Balogun, who was put up for sale by Arsenal but was offered elsewhere in Europe, as well as the striker from La Gantoise gifted Orban. Another lead would lead to Vlahovic. Which would also suit Lukaku as Juventus can then go on the offensive.

That’s why Big Rome still gives himself some time, someone who would definitely like to join Juventus. However, if nothing were to proceed before 1 September, he would only have the option of Saudi Arabia, where the transfer window would not close until 20 September. Saudi clubs, who have already made offers, are on alert in any case.

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