Romina Power operated on for a serious health problem

Romina Power opened her heart to the microphones of Verissimo, a program conducted by Silvia Toffanin, telling of a serious health problem she has been fighting since this summer. Albano Carrisi’s ex-wife also underwent a very delicate operation. Let’s see what happened together.

Romina Power during the broadcast “L’Arena” in the Cinecittà studios March 19, 2017 in Rome ANSA / MASSIMO PERCOSSI

Romina Power told Silvia Toffanin in the second episode of Verissimo revealing that he had a serious health problem which put his motor skills at risk. “I couldn’t walk anymore”: thus begins the dramatic story that took the audience in the studio and viewers at home by surprise. In fact, in the last few hours, on social media and newspapers, nothing else is talked about.

We all associate Romina Power ad Albano Carrisi because the two have formed an inseparable couple for years. Their paths, however, have separated over the years: some think it happened due to the dramatic disappearance of their eldest daughter Ylenia, whose traces have gone missing.

Romina Power

Beyond the reasons, the two have rebuilt a different life: Albano lives together with Loredana Lecciso, with whom he shares two children. Romina, on the other hand, lives alone, enjoying the love of her children and grandchildren. For now, she has never confessed to having a new romance after her beloved Albano about her.

During the second episode of Verissimo, Romina let herself go to unexpected confessions. First of all, you have declared that you have permanently moved to Puglia, the same region where her ex-husband lives. The reason, however, is not attributable to Albano: it is exclusively a personal choice and her love for the Salento land.

In addition, Romina told of the dramatic moment who lived this summer because of a serious and worrying health problem which forced her to go under the knife.

The singer was operated on for a knee problem that no longer allowed her to walk. I am currently in the recovery phase for my knee problems. I could hardly walk anymore, they operated on me this year “he claims.

Romina Power

Despite having been operated on, Romina is currently still in the recovery phase and is facing a difficult rehabilitation process.

The goal is to better recover his motor skills, and Romina proved very motivated to do so. Speaking of which, she stated: “Rehabilitation is very slow and painful. It’s not a walk in the park, people at home will understand me. But slowly I’m recovering “.

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