Rosa Enginoli who is Claudia Gerini’s daughter?

Rosa Enginoli has followed in her mother’s footsteps and has shown that she has the potential to make her mark. Her success is assured!

Rosa Enginoli, daughter of the acclaimed actress Claudia Gerini, is a daughter of art who inherited her mother’s passion for acting. About her We explore her origins and her debut in the world of entertainment, discovering all her curiosities about her.

Who is Rosa Enginoli?

Rosa Enginoli, Claudia Gerini’s eldest daughter, was born in 2004 from her marriage to the entrepreneur Alessandro Enginoli. At the young age of nine, Rosa made her film debut in 2013.

His parents were married between 2002 and 2004 and he has a half-sister, Linda Zampaglione, born from his mother’s marriage to the singer-songwriter Federico Zampaglione.

His debut film was Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas, directed by Fausto Brizzi. Subsequently, she acted in the short film Remember, directed by her partner at the time, F Gerini.

Rosa Enginoli is the protagonist of the television series L’Aquila – Great Expectations, which documents the difficult period of reconstruction of the Abruzzo city after the 2009 earthquake.

At just fourteen, Claudia Gerini’s daughter made a splash on the Italian public and aroused the interest of the actress’s followers.

Premiered on Raiuno on April 16, 2019, the series is interpreted by renowned actors and rising stars, such as Andrea Pittorino and Gabriele Fiore. Rosa Enginoli played the daughter of Luca Barbareschi (in the story, a successful entrepreneur who aspires to revitalize the city).

Here are four curiosities about Rosa Enginoli:

Rosa Enginoli often attended red carpet events in the company of her mother, and was a guest of Notti sul Ghice together with Gerini for an extraordinary roller skating performance.

He has great admiration for some of the most famous actresses on the international scene, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.

An Instagram page managed by her fans is dedicated to Rosa Enginoli, but it seems that she does not have her own account.

Rosa bears a striking resemblance to her mother, not only in her talent, but also in her striking beauty.

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