Rosalia performs the best imitation of Shakira of the story

The interview of Rosalia for the magazine ‘Elle’ has given a lot to talk about. The singer has appeared on the cover of its latest issue and has done so in an extraordinary way. The look chosen to make it become a kind of gift for the view, wrapped in a red transparent plastic and features long fingernails brighter than ever. The success of Rosalia is born of your unique style and love for the music shows with note to become an imitator of Shakira, not only sings like her, she also danced.

The best imitation of the story of Shakira performed by Rosalia

The music world is in for a treat. Rosalia has been one of the singers in Spanish that more success has been achieved all over the world. United states surrenders to your feet and dedicated to the covers of your major magazines. The magazine ‘Elle’ in addition to this amazing cover he has made one of his interviews more personal.

In the middle of the interview we launched a small challenge musical Rosalia far surpasses. The singer must find a song for each one of the words that you throw. In this challenge, demonstrates his true passion, music runs through his veins and comes out in each one of these interpretations. There is one of the imitations that manages to stand above the rest, Shakira.

The colombian has a tone of voice and way of singing very special. Despite the difficulties, Rosalia the mimics to perfection, even dares to move a little his body in front of the camera. The Spanish ended up confessing that Shakira is the idol of his adolescence, and he has always followed. A young woman, Rosalia I had to sing this ‘Hips dont Lie’ in the shower without thinking that he would someday become an artist who can get to overcome it in number of followers and album sales.

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