Rosalia’s tears, Lil Nas X’s electric show and Kendrick Lamar’s flow at Lollapalooza 2023

we were there – For its fifth edition, the festival brought together around 170,000 visitors over three days, featuring internationally renowned artists.

There was something for everyone at the Lollapalooza Paris festival. At Longchamp Racecourse, the festival this weekend welcomed around thirty performers over a day on six different stages. Rap headlined Friday with Niska, Baker and Damso. The Belgian rapper brings the crowd together by singing his biggest hits like 911, Macarena Or amnesia, During a tour of festivals this summer, the artist floated the idea of ​​an upcoming album — despite not releasing any projects since 2021 — that sent his fans into squeals. ,This deserves another album. It warms my heart to see the voices that come back, we are humans in real lifehe explained. When I do this, I miss the moments in the studio.,

amazing show

Violinist Lindsay Stirling combines electro with violin and has become internationally famous thanks to her hit Carol of the Bells, He astonished the audience by performing precise choreography with his dancers while playing his instrument: thus he found himself balancing on an aerial hoop or suspended by two cables a few meters above the ground.

A few hours later, Stray Kids performed their show in front of approximately 60,000 fans. A concert with a perfectly synchronized performance by eight heroes in front of a tide of lightsticks, these glow sticks are exclusive to K-pop fans. The award-winning group, which formed in 2018, can lay claim to being the first K-pop group to headline Lollapalooza.

On the second day of the festival, Argentine rapper Nicky Nicole took to the stage in front of a mainly Spanish-speaking audience. Soft voice, long black hair and shoes fluttering on stage, to deceive 1m 45, she chained her hits disappeared Or Marisola There were also intermittent attempts to pass themselves off as French, which further softened the already conquered public. But don’t be fooled by appearances, behind his big smile and his 22 years of age hides an excellent rapper with well-crafted punchlines.

end the tour in style

Lil Nas X enthralled the Lollapalooza audience. With huge sets and elaborate choreography, the 24-year-old rapper won the hearts of fans with his amazing energy. For the last date of her European tour, the American singer belted out her headlining act for almost an hour Old Town Road Or montero but also raging covers like michael jackson beat it.

Lollapalooza was also Rosalia’s last date. On a world tour through July 6, 2022, the Spanish singer has gathered around 70,000 festival-goers for a dazzling show full of emotion. One concert she has already given 65 times. ,You know this date is unprecedented. So, Paris, if this (tour) has to end, we’ll end it the way it should end!» famous chewing gun on his tube bizcochito on her tears hentai walk through the crowd noche de anoche , The singer didn’t save herself. Trying to find her words in French, the neo-flamenco queen finally said in Spanish, “That’s because French gives you a hard time!”, causing the audience to laugh.

megastar in action

thanks to the international exposure love navantiti Or EmilianaNigerian artist CK got the crowd dancing to his African tunes and melodious voice. Lollapalooza Paris also invited the pop rock group OneRepublic. Facing a convinced public, they belted out a series of their greatest hits counting stars Or i don’t care,

Singer Ava Max sets the stage on fire with her pop numbers and soulful choreography. The artist will undoubtedly long remember this moment of oneness with her audience, as the crowd sang her title in chorus. King and Queen, A moment which he later posted on his Twitter account where he thanked his fans.I love you so much! What a night it was in Paris!,

The festival ended with Aya Nakamura and Kendrick Lamar performing. The fans, some of whom had been waiting for their idols to appear for several hours, knew the lyrics perfectly. American rapper chained up titles like money tree Or bitch don’t kill my feeling, In full harmony with the public of Paris. There is no doubt that this fifth edition will remain etched in the memories of many festival lovers.


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