Rotten in training, licked the dust in the match: this French player told a great story about Eden Hazard

Loic Remy rubs shoulders with Eden Hazard. No, this is not the multiverse, but reality, as the French player developed alongside our compatriots at Chelsea between 2014 and 2017, who were at the top of their game during that time. In an interview with Olinterview, the Frenchman spoke about the level of his former partner.

For him, Eden Hazard is a UFO, one of the best players he has ever met. But like others in the past, he also admits that there was something odd about him in training. “In the first training, he has this carefree side to some extent. But it’s not in his nature. It’s the road… Then I go back to the locker room, and I say to him ‘Oh Eden, really? You Does he train like this?’He says, adding that Hazard missed a few balls and refused to defend.

His reaction left her speechless. “He tells me, ‘Don’t worry, this weekend you’ll see who’s the boss’. We get to the first game. The whistle… He takes the ball, he knocks out one, two players. .. He was playing with his kids in the playground. That day, he scores a goal or an assist and I go home, I score on what he did. He turns to Willian who puts it on me and I score”Says the French.

In the locker room, Eden Hazard believed his words. “Then I get to the locker room, Eden comes in, he puts his hand on my neck and he tells me ‘So, I told you who the boss was?’ And I shook his hand and said, ‘Actually, you’re so hot, man. That’s what he was, Eden. He was unstoppable, he was a war machine.’he concluded in this interview.

The rest, everyone knows, but this version of Eden Hazard must have been a dream come true for many supporters!

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