Round eyes: how to enhance them with makeup

THEeye makeup for round and large it is not at all easy to do. Unless you know some little secrets, which many celebrities put in place, just think about Mila Kunis, Amanda Seyfried or Christina Ricci. Nicole Attanasi, pro make-up artist reveals all the secrets of the trade.

Round eye makeup: how to do it

For chas a shape of round eyes and wishes to enhance itmy advice is to lighten the mobile eyelid with a light eyeshadow and blend a medium transition color into the crease “begins to explain Nicole Attanasi, pro make up artist.

«Later you go to blend a pencil at the lashline intensifying the color with an eyeshadow that must be darker than the transition one ».

«To emphasize the look even more, one can be applied eye pencil in the lower line and blend it down with a medium / small brush. Furthermore, sì to the application of mascara also on the lower lashes. Perfect i smoky effect make-up that emphasize the look making it the undisputed star of the look ».

Round eyes: how to lengthen them with makeup

«Who instead wants lengthen the shape of your eye can experience various make-up with a faded effect. The eyeliners that are among the most popular products of the moment are absolutely recommended, just think of the trend of “Siren Eye” which is depopulating on TikTok ».

Mila Kunis, example of round eyes (Getty Images)

«My advice is to start with the application of eyeliner and keep the same thickness along the entire line of the lash lineyou can also create a fine line in the inner corner of the eye, for a perfect cat eyes. If you then wanted to emphasize the gaze to the maximum, there are Fake eyelashes which must be rigorously longer towards the outside ».

Round eye makeup: the “right shapes”

«They are perfect eyeliner slightly elongated outwards, shaded or graphic but not excessively thick, especially in the central part of the mobile eyelid ».

A tip from true experts? «If you don’t have the right dexterity with eyeliner you can first draw the ideal line with a brown pencil and then go and trace it later with the felt delineator ».

Fundamental both when applying eyeliner and pencil is fill all the spaces between the lashes well, so as to make the eyes appear more intense »advises the expert.

Mistakes not to make

«Better to avoid applying the white pencil or butter in the inner rhyme. Edge the eye with a dark pencil without blending it precisely instead it could harden the features and make the eye even more rounded ».

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“Finally, never forget to curl your lashes before applying the mascara” concludes the make-up artist.


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