Royal Enfield Hunter 350: how it is made, photos and price

“But why chase after other oriental producers? Why don’t we do something basic and damn personal instead of trying to create a miniature GS or Super Duke? ” This is how I imagine those who direct the development of the Royal Enfields, sitting in the office in the morning and thinking that maybe it is not the imitations or the small electronic gadgets that make a motorcycle a commercial success. Clearly not one person is making these kinds of decisions, but anyone who is part of Royal Enfield’s R&D would seem to have already answered these imaginary questions. Confirmation is the arrival of the new Hunter 350, there are those who were talking about naked, those who expected something far from what the Indian company has accustomed us to in recent years, instead here is a classic, which cannot be more classic. In perfect RE style.Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Success is in the details

I am writing these lines while in Bangkok, where I am closely following the launch of the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350. Just 10 minutes ago I had some specimens around, and the first thing that all those present highlighted is the very high quality level achieved by the finishes. We had already highlighted this during the test of the Classic 350, but the impression is that in this case the attention to detail is even higher than in the past.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Doing a bit of journalism in the strict sense of the term, or asking questions to the managers of the various departments of the company, I ran into Paolo Brovedani, head of the research and development department. At one point, during the conversation, it turned out that the quality issue is very expensive within the company and that investments in this area are anything but negligible. Royal Enfield’s strategy is quite clear: giving up a little something in terms of performance and gadgets, in favor of an enviable constructive care, destined to grow over time. A strategy that would not seem so wrong, given the sales numbers of the last few months and the flood of positive comments that the Classic 350 received under the test on our YouTube channel.

Nice to see you again

The engine is an “old” acquaintance. At the heart of it all is the same air-cooled single-cylinder that we got to know on the Classic 350 and Meteor. The power and torque values ​​remain unchanged, 20.2 hp at 6,100 rpm and 27 Nm at 4,000 rpm, but the ignition and injection maps, developed specifically for this model, change. The gear ratios remain instead five, with all due respect to those who love the highway, as long as there was someone …

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 engine

Similar but different …

Where the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 distances itself further from the other two “three-and-a-half” of the family, as well as in aesthetics, is in the chassis. Again we find the rear subframe, handlebar and suspension. Suspensions that according to the cold numbers (41 mm diameter fork with 130 mm of travel and double rear shock absorber adjustable in preload on six positions with 102 mm of travel), are identical to those of the Classic 350 and Meteor. To change in this case is the calibration, which was made ad hoc. The braking system relies on a 300mm front disc bitten by a twin-piston axial caliper, while behind we find a 270mm disc with single-piston caliper. To complete the brake department there is the dual-channel ABS, which is also the only electronic control present.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 front brake

The frame renounces the lower cradle, used on the other models as a support for the footrests, which in this case are attached to aluminum supports. Obviously the cycling quotas also change, depending on the presence of the 17 ”wheels that fit CEAT tires 110/70 in front and 140/70 in rear. We know, some might ask why at Royal Enfield they didn’t choose more “noble” tires? I asked myself that too, and the men of Royal Enfield thought about it directly. In India, the law provides that only Indian tires can be mounted on motorcycles produced in the national territory, in order to favor the national economy. In Royal Enfield, however, they are keen to specify that the Hunter 350 is the first motorcycle of the brand for which tires with a dedicated specification have been developed. Lighter frame, smaller diameter wheels e 13 liter tank they also made it possible to reduce weight. Indeed the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 stops the balance needle at 181 kg dry.

Accessories and price

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

A dedicated range of accessories has been developed for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. It starts from turn by turn navigator created in collaboration with Google, until you get to plastic side casespassing through the flat saddle which, let’s face it, always makes a good impression. The price has not yet been disclosed, but we expect it to be very close to the prices of the Classic 350 and Meteor, which we remember to be respectively 4,800 euros and 4,300 euros.

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