RSCA newbie admits: “I was a fan of Eden Hazard”

Alexis Flips has everything to become the new darling of the Anderlecht supporters and one of the highlights of the Championship. The Frenchman admitted that his biggest role model is Belgium.

“I was a big fan of Eden Hazard,” he says. “Hazard exploded at Lille in 2007 and I arrived there in 2008 with the youngsters.”

“You must know that I lived two minutes walk from the stadium and my father was a customer of LOSC. When I was in the youth team, we attended Lille’s match against Genoa and we also used to climb the pitch. Were able to be with the players. It was an amazing moment.”

Alexis can easily communicate with Eden through Flips Vertonghen: “It’s true, but I prefer to leave him alone. I have a lot of respect for his career. Eden made me like Chelsea and Real Madrid Have given.”

“An Example for Me”

As for Anderlecht’s number 8, should Hazard continue his career: “He can still give a lot to football. If he decides to stay, I would just say thank you. He is an example to me, especially For the way he found a balance between football and his family life.”

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