RTV subscription 2022: Discounts and fee waivers possible

Persons obliged to pay subscription fees that they will pay by January 25, 2022 RTV subscription for the whole year in advance, they will receive discount in the amount of 10 percent You can also take advantage of other discounts for paying fees for a period longer than 1 month. The most financially advantageous solution is payment of the subscription in advance for the entire year 2022.

In accordance with applicable legal regulations Polish Post is obliged to register radio and TV sets, accept and record license fees, and to control their payment. The formalities related to the registration of receivers can be made via the website or at postal offices throughout the country.

The legal provisions in force in Poland strictly define what persons are entitled to exemption from paying subscription fees.

The list includes, among others persons who have been diagnosed with class I disability, total incapacity to work, significant degree of disability, permanent or temporary total incapacity to work on a farm, persons who receive a nursing benefit, special care allowance or a social pension, deaf and blind persons upon meeting defined criteria, people over 60 years of age and entitled to a retirement pension, the amount of which does not exceed 50% per month. average salary in the national economy in the preceding year, persons meeting the income criteria specified in the Act on Family Benefits, persons who are entitled to cash benefits under the Act on Social Assistance, unemployed persons, persons entitled to allowances and pre-retirement benefits, carer’s allowance.

On the basis of separate acts, the following are also exempt: war and military invalids, veterans who are war or military invalids, family members of the indicated combatants, persons with the status of a victim veteran under the Act on Veterans Operating Outside the State.

Seniorswho have completed 75 years and have registered the radio or television set, are exempt from paying license fees. These persons are not obliged to declare their entitlement to exemption from fees at postal points of contact, because they are exempt from paying them by law. The condition is the formal registration of the receiver and the possession by Poczta Polska of PESEL data, which constitute the basis for granting the exemption from fees.

Other persons entitled to the exemption from fees should declare their entitlements at the selected post office. This only applies to those citizens who have not used this opportunity so far.

Who is exempt from the RTV subscription? FULL LIST

Pursuant to the applicable legal regulations, persons who are entitled to exemption from subscription fees should report to the selected post office and present relevant documents confirming the entitlement to the exemption.

In the case of persons with disabilities, a decision by the competent authority is necessary. If it concerns the visually impaired, it will be necessary to present the Polish Association of the Blind or the Association of the Blind Soldiers of the Republic of Poland, or a decision of the competent adjudicating body to classify the moderate degree of disability due to damage to the eyesight, or a decision of the competent adjudicating body stating damage to the organ of vision (visual acuity not exceeding 15%) or a certificate issued by a healthcare institution confirming the above parameters.

War and military invalids are also exempt from the subscription fees. To obtain exemption from fees, a book of war or military invalid issued by the pension authority is sufficient.

In the case of veterans who are war or military invalids, it is the identity card of the repressed person.

Retirees (whose amount of benefit does not exceed the monthly amount of 50% of the average wage in the national economy in the previous year), however, they should present an ID card confirming the age of 60 and the decision of the pension body on the amount of the old-age pension in a given year. This may be a pension claim or a decision to grant or index a pension. On the other hand, people in pre-retirement age should have a decision ZUS on granting pre-retirement benefits or a certificate on collecting pre-retirement benefits.

Persons with the status of the unemployed can also take advantage of the entitlement to exemption from subscription fees. In this case, it is enough to present at the post office a certificate from the employment office that you are unemployed.

Exemption from fees is due from the first day of the month following the month in which the document confirming entitlement to the exemption was presented at the post office.

It is also worth taking care of completing the formalities related to updating personal and address data, changing the number of RTV receivers used or de-registering them, as well as changing the place of use of the receiver. This can also be done at the above internet address or at any post office.

In case of any doubts or questions regarding the RTV subscription, you can call the helpline of Poczta Polska (43) 842 06 06 (fee according to the operator’s price list). The hotline is open from Monday to Friday from 8: 00-20: 00.

During the period of the epidemic threat or epidemic state or in the event of the cessation of the operation of the postal operator’s facilities providing universal services, the declaration of compliance with the conditions for the use of subscription fee exemptions along with digital mapping of documents confirming the entitlement to these exemptions may be forwarded to the address rtv.eod @mail-polska.pl.

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