RTX 3080 12GB – premiere of the refreshed card

Last year, a lot of products from Nvidia appeared on the horizon. The premiere was held, inter alia, by RTX 3070 Ti. We also received information about the powerful RTX 3090 Ti and the weakest one in the RTX 3050 series. Yesterday, a ?? new ?? RTX 3080 which got more VRAM. The card has been added to the latest GeForce 511.17 drivers.

A long time has passed since the original 3080 with 10 GB VRAM was released, prompting Nvidia to release an updated version with 12 GB of memory. It may seem that this is a small change, but also the memory bus (384 bits) and the bandwidth (912 GB / s) have improved. The updated version of the card is based on the GA102-220 graphics chip with 8960 CUDA cores. Along with the increase in the amount of VRAM memory, the TDP has increased, which is now 350W (30W more than the version with 10 GB VRAM).

Although the card was officially unveiled yesterday, in theory its non-reference models are already available. The first such deals cost around 1249 euro (see the official EVGA website). There is also nothing to believe that? New ?? the structures will stay in warehouses for a long time. There was also an embargo on testing this card ?? you can find them, for example, on the YouTube platform.

The silent launch of the RTX 3080 with 12 GB of memory.  It cannot be bought anymore - illustration # 1

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