Rugby World Cup: mustachioed and muscular Jean Dujardin supported by his divine Nathalie Péchalat

By Justine Texier


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An unforgettable night ! Four years after the last edition in Japan, the Rugby World Cup opened in Paris this Friday evening, in a crazy atmosphere. Excited, the 80,000 spectators at the Stade de France set the stage on fire before the very enticing match which opened the competition between France and New Zealand. It must be said that the opening ceremony, notably with Jean Dujardin just before, had its share of surprises in store…

Rugby World Cup: Mustachioed and muscular Jean Dujardin supported by his divine Nathalie Péchalat Dailymotion

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For four years, they have been waiting for this! Disappointed by the defeat (barely!) of the Blues in the quarter-finals of the last Rugby World Cup in 2019, French supporters only had one idea in mind: the 2023 World Cup, in France, which is finally open this Friday evening at the Stade de France. And how ! In front of an excited, white-hot audience, the French XV ended up winning their first match against the legendary All-Blacks team, triple world champions.

But just before the meeting, it was the opening ceremony that had already launched the party. Organized by Jean Dujardin, it was designed as a “village in France in the 1950s” according to Anne-Claire Coudray and Isabelle Ithurburu, who commented live on TF1. And the actor gave of himself: arriving by bike, in Marcel and with his thin, perfectly trimmed mustache, he ended up twirling the star dancer Alice Renavand, and by charming Adriana Karembeu. A high-flying performance supported in the stands by her beloved and mother of her daughters, Nathalie Péchalat.

All this before spinning itself: hung by cables, it climbed to the top of the fake Eiffel Tower installed in the center of the Stadium. And with his antics, at that height, he couldn’t have gotten dizzy!
When he came back down, everyone began to sing the Pena Baiona, one of the anthems of French rugby. And it wasn’t just Jean Dujardin who seemed to be at the height of happiness among all the actors of the opening ceremony: Vianney, with his guitar and he also dressed like in the 50s, completely let loose, all like Zaz or Philippe Lacheau, who took on the role of a gendarme.

He, moreover, posted a photo of this beautiful moment on Instagram… and showed his subscribers that he did not come alone: ​​his father and his brother Pierre, rugby fans, played extras !

Mixed opinion and whistling

A beautiful moment, on which Internet users were mixed: if some welcomed “the values ​​of France and rugby“of the proposed spectacle, others were harsher, speaking of”embarrassed” and of “faintness“.

But the realmoment of discomfort” arrived a few minutes later: as French President Emmanuel Macron approached the lectern to make a short opening speech, he was indeed whistled and booed by part of the public, to the point of having difficulty to be heard. Surprised but not rushed, he still wished good luck to the French XV and called for “brotherhood” between the teams.

And once again, Internet users had mixed reactions: while some deplored a “bad image of France“, others felt that the political crises of recent months had not really been forgotten by the French… In any case, this did not overshadow the very good match, concluded 27- 13 by the Blues, and which set record audiences: nearly 10 million viewers for the opening ceremony and 15.5 million for the match!

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