RUMOR on Scalebound: Action-RPG PlatinumGames becoming an exclusive Nintendo Switch


RUMOR on Scalebound: Action-RPG PlatinumGames becoming an exclusive Nintendo Switch

Players who are followers of the Microsoft ecosystem are likely to get it bad if that proves …

At E3 2014, PlatinumGames unveiled a new ultra-promising license for the Xbox One, then announced on PC, Scalebound. It featured a human protagonist named Drew, teaming up with a huge customizable dragon, especially to get rid of equally imposing creatures and more. Unfortunately, the Action-RPG was postponed and finally canceled in early 2017. Well, he could make a comeback … on Nintendo Switch!

It is the side of Nintendo Insider that our eyes are turned, sources close to the editorial staff having supposedly got wind of the resurrection of the license that would become exclusive to the Switch. Last week, Imran Khan of Game Informer also evoked a game considered dead and that Nintendo would revive at the microphone of Kinda Funny Games … The relationship between the two companies is still as close, with two headlines soon to appear that are Bayonetta 3 and the newly announced Astral Chain, so there would be nothing astonishing that.

However, there is the question of the possession of the said intellectual property. Yes, the brand was abandoned by Microsoft, although a rumor was reported at the time of development taken from zero by the firm of Redmond. Yet, as Jason Schreier pointed out on ResetEra, registering a trademark and owning an IP are two completely different things, so nothing assures PlatinumGames can use it again. to come up. However, the rumor of Scalebound on Switch would not be new to the ears of the interested party.

Obviously, you have to take huge tweezers with all this, especially with the announcement last week of Astral Chain, which still puts in the scene a character fighting alongside a humanoid creature, what to make think about reuse of some basic mechanics planned for Scalebound. On your side, would you like to see the game of PlatinumGames return, regardless of the platform chosen?

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