Rumor: VR will become part of the Nintendo Switch functionality


Rumor: VR will become part of the Nintendo Switch functionality

Emily Rogers, a journalist with the Nintendo World Report portal, says that according to numerous online sources, Nintendo will make an announcement related to VR no later than this year. Perhaps it will take place in the framework of E3 2019.

Nintendo representatives have repeatedly made statements about the implementation of VR functionality in the Switch, however, they have always summarized that the company is not yet ready for public announcements, saying that you first need to make sure that the virtual reality is really necessary for consumers and that their VR developments have entertainment value. In 2016, even before the launch of the Switch, Nintendo filed a number of patents related to the VR accessory for the new console. Filing a patent application does not always lead to the subsequent production of a product, but it proves that Nintendo is interested in technology.

Last year, Nintendo quite successfully launched Nintendo Labo, which in the future could become the company’s first VR product, taking into account the philosophy of an unusual hybrid of a cardboard designer and video games. So, a robot creation kit has a helmet, in which it is logical to place the Switch itself for greater immersion in the gameplay if it is slightly modified by installing lenses (as described in the 2016 patent scheme).

Nintendo joined the VRM consortium as an observer last month. The goal of the organization, consisting of 13 different companies, is to create a global VR industry focusing on virtual user avatars, as well as to create a single standard for three-dimensional models of people in the form of an open and free VRM format. So, using a VR device, you can control such a model in a hypothetical Second Life VR with a Japanese flavor.

Apparently, this year fans of Nintendo and technological innovations are waiting for a lot of interesting announcements from the company, if, of course, to believe the rumors. Do not forget about the Switch Mini, which supposedly should be released this year.

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