Rune 2

Rune 2 of Human Head Studios has an official release date and a new gameplay trailer, as well as a beta release coming soon.

Rune 2 of Human Head Studios has an official release date: 12 November 2019. As you know, the game will be released initially only on PC and as exclusive to the Epic Game Store. Hard to say if sooner or later it will be converted for other platforms. Probably a lot will depend on the success of this version.

In addition, Human Head also announced that Rune 2’s deathmatch and team deathmatch modes will be testable thanks to the open beta phase, accessible to all through a dedicated demo downloadable from the Epic Games Store. Both are designed for up to 16 players.

Finally, a new game trailer has also been published, dedicated to interactions with the gods, which you will find at the head of the news.

Set in a dangerous northern universe during the end of time, RUNE II is an epic RPG action in which the gods, beasts and the last surviving humans fight to survive.

You have been chosen by the gods to be the savior of Midgard: receive their blessing and the powerful skills in the enterprise of ending the Ragnarok! Race against time to prevent Loki, the god of deception, from destroying Midgard while holding the world in the grip of a perpetual state of chaos.

Alone or with friends you will face ranks of Loki acolytes in brutal hand-to-hand combat. Travel the world to collect rare resources, identify precious artifacts to weaken the Gate of the Kingdoms and forge the most powerful weapons the Nine Kingdoms have ever seen.

Are you powerful enough to defeat a god … or will it be the beginning of a new era of darkness?

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