Rupert Everett: “I should have had the role of Colin Firth in A Single Man”

Rupert Everett has openly criticized the casting of the film A Single Man stating that Colin Firth should not have been cast as the lead.

Rupert Everett has openly criticized the choice to entrust the role of the protagonist of A single man to Colin Firthrevealing that he was annoyed that a straight actor had a gay role.
The actor, host of the Piers Morgan Uncensored show, talked about the parts he didn’t get in his career.

Speaking of the difficulty of getting roles, Rupert Everett said of A Single Man: “I think it’s pretty frustrating. I was frustrated. I remember seeing Colin Firth in the Tom Ford movie and thinking ‘Well, thanks Colin. That’s the end of my career. ‘ Because that role really should have been mine. There is obviously some frustration“.

The film is based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood and tells the story of a literature professor who faces the consequences of the death of his lover, a role entrusted to Matthew Goode.
Rupert reiterated: “There are so many examples of awesome straight actors playing great gay roles. Then there are some less significant ones, and I think the question should rather be ‘Why can’t gay actors have straight roles?’“.
Everett recalled that after My Best Friend’s Wedding he tried to move beyond that role: “I felt it was more or less impossible. I don’t think gay actors should only play gay roles. But gay actors should be able to have straight characters as well“.

The star stressed that all aspects of casting must be taken into account: “People forget that Hollywood is all about business. When they barred Scarlett Johansson from playing a trans role, there simply wasn’t a trans actress at the time that was famous enough to support a $ 50-60 million movie. I thought it was a mistake on the part of the trans community because probably many other roles in the film would have been assigned to trans actresses and Scarlett Johansson would not have done a negative portrait, I thought it was a slightly obtuse attitude“.

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