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Have you ever heard of the story of the ice cream van Of Rupert Grint? A funny story that happened a few years ago, which deserves to be told. Rupert Grintthe English actor he played Ron Weasley in the saga of Harry Potter, when he became a star he was too young to spend his own money. He had become rich, but he couldn’t satisfy all his desires, so he saved up a lot of money.

Rupert Grint he had to wait until he was an adult to commit his first folly. His first purchase as an adult with the enormous fortune he had amassed over the years was a ice cream truck. The plaintiff buys van bedford of 1974, designed by Mr Whippy. What later became the ice cream van Of Rupert Grint it had been purchased not in perfect condition, so the actor had it restored. The funny thing is that Rupert Grint bought the pickup truck with the first box office receipts from the films.

This because Rupert he said that owning a ice cream van it was his dream from an early age, but as I explained earlier he was too young to spend his own money to buy one. And as incredible as it may seem, the young actor didn’t want to buy the ice cream truck just to put it on display in the garden of his villa, but to sell the ice-cream! Or rather offer it free to children in your area.

In which area did the actor live and where did he distribute the ice creams?

The actor lived with his family in Hertfordshirea county ofEastern England. He drove the truck through the small villages of his region, handing out ice cream to the children he met on his way.

Rupert Grint’s ice cream van was the desire that the actor wanted to realize from an early age

Rupert Grint he was very generous in giving ice cream to the little ones, but even if he wanted to, he couldn’t sell it. That’s because he hadn’t yet applied for permission to sell ice cream in his new truck. As expected when the news broke that Rupert Grint giving away ice creams from his van fans flocked to the area where the actor was making this beautiful gesture.

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Rupert Grint started his career at a very young age

Rupert Grintborn in 1988, had started acting very young if you think that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first film in the saga was released in 2001. Having become famous, he had to put what the kids of his age were doing into the background, giving priority to the cinema. He therefore did not fully spend his childhood, even though he worked on a project that he loved very much since he was a fan of JK Rowlingthe writer who created the figure of Harry Potter.

In some interviews, thinking about his adolescence, however, he sometimes reflects on the fact that he lived the school period with superficiality. Since he entered the world of cinema he has put everything related to the study into the background, something he considers important for the formation of a person. Since he has become an adult, he has fulfilled some childhood dreams such as buying the ice cream van, now he can go back to studying. After all, since he believes that studying is important, he could always put himself on the books. Or maybe he’s too lazy to do it?

The actor shared the scene with other young actors

With the saga of Harry Potter beyond Rupert Grint other young actors like Daniel Radcliffwho played the lead role Harry and Emma Watson who played the friend Hermione Granger.

Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliff And Emma Watson they played the three most important characters, but there were other young actors including Robert Pattinson in the part of Cedric Diggory, Tom Felton Of Draco Malfoy and finally Bonnie Wright in that of Ginny Weasley.

The importance of making your dreams come true

I find it important that you know the history of the ice cream van Of Rupert Grint, because it was an actor’s childhood dream and proves that wishes can always come true. What’s more beautiful than fulfilling your childhood dreams? Do you like the ice cream van Of Rupert Grint?

Rupert Grint he could have made any kind of dream come true, even the craziest, but he wanted to focus on the most innocent and within everyone’s reach.

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