Russia condemns Ecuador for shipping Russian weapons to the United States

On January 9, 2024, Quito, Ecuador, Ecuadorian soldiers rode in armored military vehicles. Rafael Rodriguez/Anadolu/

Russia has warned Ecuador not to ship Russian weapons to the United States, Russian Ambassador to Quito Vladimir Sprinkan announced Thursday.

“We are verifying the information. But we conveyed Russia’s position to the Ecuadorian authorities that the Americans do not need this equipment, especially when it is called scrap,” the diplomat said in a statement to Russian television .

Sprinkan added that Russian-made military equipment “is needed by those who know how to use it.”

“We warn the authorities that this (his transfer) will be an unfriendly step,” he asserted.

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa previously stated that Ecuador plans to trade “Ukrainian and Russian scrap metal with the United States for $200 million worth of modern equipment.”

“We will complete the work by the end of this month,” the president said in an interview with Canela radio.

Russia said the move “violated the neutrality previously announced by Ecuadorian leaders.”


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