Russia has been modernizing the army for two decades, it may hit the West on a sore spot. “Time to wake up”

Recalling that Russia recently shot down its own satellite in orbit around the Earth, a newspaper commentator writes that it was dangerous and irresponsible. The debris of the destroyed satellite threatens the International Space Station and other objects in space.

“Nevertheless, the political signal from the Kremlin brought about by this test, carried out simultaneously with the concentration of Russian troops on the border with eastern Ukraine ordered by Vladimir Putin, is problematic.”

International Space Station (ISS).Russia shot down a satellite, a threat to astronauts. “Unthinkable”

As we read, Russia is demonstrating its ability to hit the weakest point in the West by means of a rocket test in orbit. NATO and the US are dependent on their satellites for navigation, communication, early warning systems for missile launches and espionage.

Time to wake up

“In the event of a confrontation with Moscow, no matter what kind, the West must take into account the use of this type of weapon.” According to the commentator, Western societies would be barely viable if the satellites were to be destroyed.

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“Therefore, this test must be a wake-up call, also for Berlin. For two decades, Russia has been systematically modernizing its armed forces, arming itself with medium-range precision nuclear weapons, and has developed a whole arsenal of methods of asymmetric and hybrid warfare, from cyber attacks to disinformation to exploitation of refugees “.

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As we read, it would be urgent to stop this escalation using arms control mechanisms. “But this is also not enough to resist Russian aggression. Putin’s goal is to destabilize Europe, he wants to restore and guarantee his spheres of influence. The ban on testing weapons that destroy the satellite will not stop him, especially since he has just proved that his system really works” – we read.

Author: Wojciech Szymański

The article comes from the Deutsche Welle website

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