Russia has sent three thousand soldiers to training grounds near the border with Ukraine | World news

For several months now, some Russian and Western analysts have warned that Moscow is preparing for a war with Ukraine. The Kremlin denies these reports. Washington and Brussels have announced that they will impose severe sanctions on Russia should Moscow attack a neighboring country.

Radio Swoboda wrote on its website that, according to analysts, Russia may attack Ukraine before the spring thaw so that the mud would not hinder the transport of heavy equipment. The radio reported that, according to American intelligence, there are about 100,000 Russian soldiers near the Ukrainian border.

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In the opinion of some Russian independent commentators, Moscow is escalating tensions in order to force the United States and other NATO countries to make concessions related to the so-called security guarantees.

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Russia wants the North Atlantic Alliance to give up cooperation with the countries of the former Soviet Union and, above all, to withdraw from integration programs open to Ukraine and Georgia. Washington and Brussels are of the opinion that Russia has no right to make such demands.

US Ambassador to NATO: There will be no negotiations on the open door policy

US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith emphasized that the North Atlantic Alliance maintains its attachment to the open door policy and that there will be no negotiations on this matter. This is a response to Russia’s demands that the Alliance will not expand eastwards.

Wendy Sherman and Sergei Ryabkov in GenevaUSA after the talks in Geneva: We rejected Russia’s demand for NATO policy

At the conference before Wednesday’s meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels, the American ambassador stressed that there is a unanimous position of all 30 member states on this matter. – It is clear that none of the allies intend to step down or negotiate the open door policy – added the US ambassador.

Julianne Smith also threatened that if Russia again attacks Ukraine, NATO’s response will be firm and the price Moscow will pay will be high. She stressed that the United States – like the rest of the Alliance – expected Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and comply with all provisions of the Minsk ceasefire agreements.

Russia’s representative on the negotiations in Geneva: No beating the bush

The head of the Russian delegation, Sergei Ryabkov, said in turn that the positions on the issue of not enlarging NATO to the East had not been reached. The deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that this topic was a priority for Russia and that other issues were closely related to it. Ryabkov said the negotiations in Geneva were “complex” and at the same time “concrete, without beating the bush.”

Wendy Sherman, Sergei Ryabkov,The deputy chiefs of US and Russian diplomacy met in Geneva. No faith in a breakthrough

At a press conference in Geneva, Ryabkov announced that Moscow did not put any time limits on the conduct of the negotiations, but hoped that they would be completed as soon as possible. The chairman of the Russian delegation reiterated that Russia posed no threat to the United States and NATO countries.

He assured at a press conference after the meeting that the possibility of an escalation of tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border was ruled out. He also stressed that the issue of not enlarging NATO was “an absolute imperative” for Russia. According to Sergei Ryabkov, however, this does not mean that the United States and the North Atlantic Pact are ultimatums. According to the Russian diplomat, the security proposals were taken seriously by the American side.

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