Russia is about to lose the battle of Bakhmut

While Ukrainian forces have already made significant gains over the past six months ahead of the expected counteroffensive, Russian forces will withdraw from the city of Bakhmut,

Ukrainian advance

According to Petro Podaru, Ukrainian artillery commander, Ukrainian troops have started to advance on Bakhmut. Despite Russian shelling blocking supply routes, the Ukrainians have managed to advance up to a mile in places.

an opportunity for ukraine

The Ukrainian advances are encouraging news for a number of reasons, as they break a sustained defense against Russian advances for more than six months. Furthermore, they could undo the heavy Russian shelling, which caused heavy casualties and destruction of Russian weapons.

russian clearance

The Russian retreat into various parts of Bakhmut is also confirmed by Wagner, a group of mercenaries assisting the Russian army., Wagner’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, claimed that his fighters were advancing into Bakhmut and could dislodge Ukrainian troops from their last positions on the city’s western border.

However, Prigozhin also warned that Russian forces were abandoning positions north and south of the city, which would make it easier for Ukrainian troops to encircle Russian forces in the city center.

a desperate call

Prigozhin made a public appeal to the Russian Defense Ministry, accusing the Kremlin of exposing the flanks by not responding to his communications and withdrawing. Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, also confirmed the Russian withdrawal north of the city and claimed that the Ukrainians had taken full control of the only supply road.

Summary, Ukraine’s military makes significant advance in Bakhmut, posing a major challenge to Putin and his Ukraine strategy, The retreat of the Russians in some areas and Prigozhin’s desperate cries indicate that the situation in the city is becoming dire for the Russian forces. The outcome of this battle could have a significant impact on the ongoing conflict.

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