Russia is concentrating its forces on the border with Ukraine. “The number of soldiers may exceed 100,000.”

– The concentration of the Russian armed forces on the border with Ukraine until the turn of January and February may be greater than in spring – says Kirił Mikhailov, an analyst at the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT). At that time, Russia gathered around 100,000. soldiers along the border and in the Crimea.

This conclusion was reached by the analysts of the CIT, a group tracking the activities of the Russian armed forces, observing the pace of the amassing of Russian troops, writes Current Time (Nastojashcheye Vreemia) on Tuesday, a television connected with Radio Free Europe. Consequently, there are growing concerns that
Russia will attack Ukraine in early 2022.

– It’s gotten worse in the last three weeks. While three weeks ago we only saw the transfer of the 4th Guard Panzer Division to the border (…), now other forces of the First Guard Panzer Army are joining it. In Crimea, we are witnessing the emergence of separate units of the 49th and 58th armies of the Southern Military District, said the Current Time TV expert.

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Russia is concentrating its forces on the border with Ukraine

Three weeks ago, he added, analysts did not think that this was the level of concentration that was observed in April. – Now he is comparable, if not the same. What’s more, if you believe Budanov (the head of the main intelligence board of the Ukrainian defense ministry – PAP), the attack is planned for the end of January – beginning of February, at such a pace by then there may be much more forces accumulating there than we saw in the spring – he warned. In the spring of 2021, Russia gathered around 100,000 at the border with Ukraine. soldiers.

According to him, the information about the delivery of the Solncepiok rocket artillery system and ammunition wagons to one of the stations in Voronezh is particularly disturbing. As the expert pointed out, the Voronezh region does not border on the self-proclaimed so-called The Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic in Donbas. – Regardless of the fact that Russian propaganda begins to tell about some Ukrainian offensive in the territory of Donbas, it is known that armored units are needed not to defend Donetsk and Luhansk, only to enter the controlled territory if there is such a political decision by the Ukrainian authorities, the expert believes.

Over 92,000 Russian soldiers at Ukrainian borders

According to the head of the main intelligence board of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kyryl Budanov, Russia has gathered over 92,000. soldiers at Ukrainian borders and is preparing to attack in late January or early February next year from several directions. As reported by the Military Times website, such an attack would most likely include air strikes, artillery and armored attacks, and airborne attacks in the east, sea landings in Odessa and Mariupol, and a smaller incursion through Belarus.

Moscow denies reports of the planned attack. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that Russia had no intention of attacking anyone and had no aggressive plans. He assured that interpreting the movements of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on its territory in this way was wrong. From Kijowa Natalia Dziurdzińska (PAP) / ed. AK

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