Russia negotiates culturally, we do not give ultimates

Asked whether Moscow can respond with “military-technical measures” to NATO’s will to maintain an “open door policy” for Ukraine, Peskov replied that Russia is now betting on dialogue.

– If we conduct negotiations, we conduct them culturally, we are open to dialogue, our diplomats keep their diplomatic traditions, despite the difficult situation. We still prefer to talk and then assess the situation and formulate forecasts, he said, adding that the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO poses a threat to Russia.

– Of course, every NATO enlargement worries Russia. NATO is not a development institution. NATO is an instrument of confrontation – said Pieskow. – The Alliance was created for this, this is how it is designed, this is how it evolves, and this is how it exists. This is an absolutely obvious fact, so the expansion poses a threat to us, he added.

Peskow: We don’t want to formulate ultimates

The Kremlin spokesman reiterated that the results of the talks will be assessed until January 13, when the last meeting between the US and the Russian Federation scheduled for this week will take place.

– We do not want, like the Americans, to formulate threats, ultimates, announce paying a high price, we do not want to behave like this – he declared.

Negotiations in Brussels

On January 12, the NATO-Russia Council met in Brussels. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg received Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Gruszka at the allied headquarters to try to defuse the worst tensions between East and West since the Cold War, caused mainly bythe situation in Ukraine, which, according to the US, Russia is planning to attack.

Moscow denies these accusations, although it also gathers its troops near the Ukrainian border and conducts exercises there.

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