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War in Ukraine: Russia prepares a sensational change. The details

Russia is preparing a sensational changeRussia is preparing a sensational change. In a few days, exactly the next one March 11ththe country led by Vladimir Putin could be officially off the Internetcompleting isolation from global communications in place since the first day of the attack on Ukraine.

Sources expert in cyber-security have confirmed that Moscow has begun preparations to transfer all transmissions, connections to servers and management of internal domains on a parallel network, the national intranet ‘Rucom‘. Reading the information released by the news agency Nexta and as also reported byAdnKronosthe goal seems to be to increase securitynot to create a separate ecosystem.
The purposeaccording to Moscow, it is
guarantee a higher level of reliability than the attack of external hackers: What the claims circulated show is that these attacks are feared.

One of the nodes that made us imagine the scenario of a complete detachment of the Russian network is that which concerns the Dnsnamely i Domain name system. In short, this system is the one that regulates the addresses we use to move on the internet: it is the domain name that identifies a site. Among the most popular addresses there are national ones, ours ends for example in.itthe Russian one in .ru.
In the indications disseminated by Nexta everyone is asked to verify that the servers where the DNS of the service offered are hosted are in the territory of the Russian Federation. That is, that your site name has been registered on a computer which is physically located within the borders of Russian territory.

In short, it is one defensive move, also to avoid the effects of new sanctions. Physically move domains from foreign servers to internal Russia servers it is a way to protect the domains themselves from attacks and sanctions. In the event that a company that now manages a Russian domain from abroad stops cooperating with Moscow, that domain could become unreachable.
By concentrating everything on Russian territory, however, there should be no problems.

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