Russia, “Putin wants to mobilize 1.2 million people for war”

There are 1.2 million people that Russia wants to mobilize to go and fight in Ukraine, despite the defense minister speaking of 300,000 men. The independent Russian site Meduza writes this, citing sources close to a ministry of the Moscow government. The authorities “recommend keeping recruitment to a minimum” in the capitals of the Russian regions, but taking the men “in rural areas, where there is no media, no opposition, and more support (for the war),” the sources said. 16,000 people are expected to be taken in Moscow, 3,200 in St. Petersburg.

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As is well known, the partial mobilization decree includes a secret paragraph, number 7, where the number of reservists to be called to arms would be mentioned. The Defense Minister spoke of 300,000 men and Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov yesterday denied the news that appeared in Novaya Gazeta that spoke of a million people.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, at least theoretically, negotiations with Kiev are considered possible. The condition, however, is the unconditional surrender of Ukraine. This was stated by Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the Duma’s foreign commission and member of the negotiating team. In an interview with the Rossiya-24 broadcaster cited by Tass, Slutsky explains: “Negotiations can take place on the condition of a complete and unconditional surrender. And the criteria are obvious. Denazification, demilitarization, non-nuclear status. These talks are possible. , on a purely theoretical level, starting today “.

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